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message 1: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 16030 comments I don't know whether this phenomenon is ubiquitous, but in certain countries there is a degree of enmity, disdain or dislike between the capital and the peripheries. Or maybe it's big cities vs countryside in general.
In Russia they believe a Muscovite can never be a president, because the rest of Russia would never vote for someone from Moscow.
A friend of mine from Argentina told me that those from Buenos Aires are derogatorily called porteño, and those from elsewhere -pajuerano and often there isn't much love between them.
In some places, maybe in order not to give preference to rivaling cities, they built new 'technical' capitals, like Brasilia or Canberra, so maybe not to choose between Rio & Sao Paulo and Sydney and Melbourne respectively.
How is it in your locale?

message 2: by Michel (last edited Apr 27, 2018 11:56AM) (new)

Michel Poulin Well, here in the Montreal region, stereotypes are not lacking:
- The Anglophones from the well-to-do district of Westmount are believed to be snobbish elitists who raise their noses at the francophone rabble living around the foot of the Mont-Royal (the big hill that dominates most of Montreal);
- Quebec City (the provincial capital) is said to be full of arrogant government functionaries full of themselves (I personally believe that to be quite true);
- The people from the Beauce region (near Quebec City) were called in French 'Les Jarrets Noirs' (the blackened calves) because they were known a century ago to arrive in Quebec City covered with mud from walking along muddy roads and trails. The Beaucerons still have a reputation for living in a rather backward lot. (I was born in the Beauce region);
- The Canadian metropolis of Toronto is known in Montreal as 'Toronto the Pure', for its reputation for being rather puritan compared to Montreal. (I am sure that Torontonians have some nice words to describe Montreal);
- The Canadian capital, Ottawa, is often said to be the 'Capital of Boredom';
- All the other cities in Canada tend to say 'Boohoohoo' when Vancouverites complain when they receive one of their rare snowfalls in what they call 'Winter' in Vancouver (West Coast of Canada).
- The people of Newfoundland are called 'Newfies' by other Canadians (hint: being called a Newfie is the equivalent of calling an American a 'Hillbilly').

I believe that I will have to cut this post at this point, before the other Canadian members on this group start sending me mail bombs.

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 11762 comments In NZ, Aucklanders get the rough end, with the term JAFA (just another f... Aucklander being thrown around) but it isn't the capital. It is, however, the home of the most votes and it is home to the most local crises because its city hall has been dysfunctional for so long, so politicians tend to focus goodies on it.
The capital, Wellington, is regarded as something of a sort of "somewhere best avoided" as it is the centre of a bureaucracy. I came from the West Coast (South Island), one of the more disregarded areas by politicians, and the attitude there seems to be, keep a low profile and please, politicians, look somewhere else. Whatever the politicians do there, it never seems to benefit the locals.

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