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message 1: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 16085 comments Ok, I'm going now to look for the same black suit that Kim is wearing on Alibaba, for I feel it's gonna be vogue very soon. North and South meet today and collect dithyrambs from all over the world:
So, maybe after tiring from the role of a tyrant, young Kim embraces the way of world's celeb and a candidate for a Nobel prize for peace? Or maybe he's just a nice dude after all? What do you think?

message 2: by Michel (new)

Michel Poulin Uh, Nik, nice dudes normally don't have their uncle executed with anti-aircraft cannons, or have their half-brother poisoned with a nerve agent. The Kim you see now is a façade, made to score public points around the World, nothing more.

message 3: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 6184 comments But that was a hell of a suit :-) I wonder if he has a stylist.

message 4: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 11797 comments Whatever Kim is, "nice dude" he is not. I would suggest that in addition to Michel's analysis, he is trying to paint Trump into a corner before his visit, so that if Trump walks out with various rants, it will look like it was Trump's fault.

message 5: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 6184 comments Right. What Kim is saying makes no sense in terms of his past actions. Looks like a setup to me. If Trump walks out, I suspect he'll have a tingling sensation along his spine and a rock in his stomach.

message 6: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 16085 comments We might be witnessing a transformation from a cruel and brazen dictator to a celeb "monarch". Yes, it might be for an external consumption, yet he might be genuinely excited .
Maybe something similar to a street gangster wanting to become "legit and accepted" when s/he's rich enough to waive his/her previous "enterprise".
We should know soon...

message 7: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 6184 comments Right :-)

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