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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments The adventures are yet to come.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Sidney Hughes was having a hell of a day. For starters, his machine blew up in his face. He had been working on the engine of this car and it started to stutter and then BOOM! He sighed in remembrance as he entered the coffee shop, Sid's favorite coffee shop to be exact. He came almost every day, at the same time, around 10 in the morning. When he entered, a smell of smoke came off of him. His white hair was all over the place and he was dressed in a loose, stained band shirt and some ratty jeans. He came up to the counter, adjusting his glasses then speaking in the familiar voice. "One..uh, like, big hot chocolate." He gave a smile then let out a sort of sigh.

Lady-Stormwynne-Corvidae | 3 comments "Well, well, look who it is," Ruben nudged Rowena's shoulder with an elbow, effectively attracting her attention, "Your favorite customer." There was a teasing, knowing lilt to Ruben's voice as they each took in the tall form of the man striding through the coffee shop door, Ruben having spotted him through the large display window, walking with purpose towards the humble little shop. They each took in the rather disheveled appearance and Ruben let out a whistle. "Is it just me," he added in a conspirator's whisper, "or is that crazy sex hair?"

Smoothing her hands upon the light brown apron bearing the shop's brand and logo, Rowena barely gave her coworker a glance. She'd had similar conversations with him before regarding this man. It was no secret to Ruben of her attraction; he'd known from the first time the man had ever come in, just from the starstruck look on Rowena's face, and had from then on proceeded to tease her mercilessly about it. Ruben meant well, she knew.

She approached the counter with a quickly hissed, "Shut up, Ruben," thrown over her shoulder, meeting the white-haired man with a smile. Her own brown hair was pulled up into a wispy ponytail to keep it out of the way as she worked, and she resisted the urge to bat her mascara-amplified lashes at the customer. The order fell from his lips as easily as his sigh, and she punched it into the register with a sympathetic look as she addressed him. "Rough day?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments ((oh dang, well I gotta try to write like you. I am not the greatest at writing long bits but I am gonna try for you))

"Like you wouldn't believe." Sid stood up a tad bit straighter when the woman came to take his order. "Nothing like an explosion to get you up and going for the day, ya know?" He then became slightly self conscious about himself, realizing how he came in and attempted to pat down his hair into a decent look, but it just wasn't cooperating.

His hands reached into his pant pockets, pulling out the silly bright blue wallet and the exact change for his drink. Sid had it down to exactly how much it was, seeing as it was what he always got. "How are all of y'all doing today?" A tad bit of his southern accent escaped as he spoke more casually, being originally from the south did come in handy sometimes when talking, it made him sound a whole lot cooler than he was. Sid's mind was all over the place, trying to determine where exactly he screwed up in his work that caused the explosion but the sight in front of him also got him a little bit distracted from the twenty thoughts that were going on inside his brain.

Lady-Stormwynne-Corvidae | 3 comments 'Talk about starting the day off with a bang,' Ro thought, resisting the near-overwhelming urge to give this man a good and blatant once over with her gaze. He sure looked like he'd been in an explosion, but it seemed to do him some good. He had that sort of rough, chiseled look, a rugged handsomeness to him that the small grease-stains and wind-blasted hair just seemed to amplify. It was tough to look at him and not melt into a puddle on the floor, and he was practically a stranger.

Instead, she shrugged one shoulder, giving the slightest pout to her lips. "Hmm, can't complain, really. It's the off time, so we're kind of slow. For now." She scooped up his payment and deposited it into the register without so much as counting it out; she knew by now exactly what this man ordered, down to a T, as well as the fact that he paid the exact amount every single time he came in. He was a frequent patron. She trusted him to never screw her over. 'Oh, he can screw you, honey,' her wayward mind commented with a sensual purr, 'As many times as he likes.'

Shoving those thoughts aside, she gave him a sympathetic smile. "Are explosions a normal part of your day or is it a special occasion?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments "Well at least its slow." He gave her another smile, working on how he prestened himself to the girl. She seemed interested in what he was say, though it also looked like she had a few things on her mind as well, a curse that Sid face's on the daily. His hands reached for his shirt to tug it down as he kept on speaking, as it was a tad too short and kept riding up a little so anyone around could see the slightest view of his body beneath. "Well, not usually. I think I manage to create the wrong spark and my enitre thing just went kaboom...That or my robot is try to kill me." A joke, a bad one but a joke escaped his lips and he let out a half hearted chuckle then grabbed his work bag. He has set it on the ground. "Thats why I brought all this non-sense, to figure out where I went wrong and hopefully to fix it.

"Like you hair, honey, very nice looking today." The word honey meant nothing, it was just like a little thing he got use to call peolpe, everyone was honey or dear or sugar. He grew up in a mostly poorer community down south and the folks there were very tight nit and that was were that launguage came from. After a moment more he went down and sat in his same spot; a chair and table by the window but also so he could watch the counter work, giving him plenty to look at. Sid then pulled out some blue paoer and went to work.

Lady-Stormwynne-Corvidae | 3 comments Heart swelling at his simple compliment, Rowena watched him set off to his seat and settle in, and then she set to work herself. She could feel Ruben’s smarmy grin focused on the back of her head as he leaned in to whisper to her. “Oooh, he called you ‘honey’. I can hear the wedding bells!” Ro rolled her eyes, smiling at his dig as it was all in good fun. “You’d better watch yourself, Ro. You were giving him the bedroom eyes.”

A scoff. “I was not.”

“You were,” her coworker wheedled, “I swear, you looked ready to leap across the counter and jump his sweet, Southern bones.”

The machine whirred to life at the touch of a button, dispensing delicious cocoa into the eco-friendly paper cup. Administering the proper amount of cream and marshmallows to the man’s liking, she fastened the lid and added in the paper cozie to give him a comfortable grip without the risk of burning his hand. It didn’t matter what the weather was like outside; rain, snow, unbearable heat, the man liked his hot chocolate. And honestly, who was she to judge while she was the one fawning over a complete stranger?

Fixing Ruben with an ‘I’m watching you’ stare, Ro made her way over to the man’s table, cup in hand and a smile on her face. “Here you are, sir. Large hot cocoa,” she grinned, setting it before him with a wink. “Enjoy.”

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments Their conversation meant nothing, his eyes focused in the paper and he was muttering to himself, trying to see which piece of the wiring made the explosiom when the sight of a woman returned eith his hot cocoa. "Thank you, sugar." Sid drawled taking a sip from the cup and let rhe warmrh sluggishly make it down his throat and made a little 'aaah' sound. "Delicious, just like always." He gave one more grin to the girl, blue eyes looking up at her in appreciation. He noticed her own brown eyes that made him shutter a little in his mind. He had a theroy about eye color and how it went for attraction and it seemed pure brown, not hazel, but brown eyes usually seem to belong to the prettiest woman, while green belong to the prettiest men. The theroy still needed some work though, and from other peolpe besidea him. Sid's eyes then flicked back to his paper, grabbing a pencil from his picket and erasing some of the blue print, realizing the part where he messed up at was that the copper wiring was took close to a heating plating causing it to spark wheneber it got hit by anything.

Lady-Stormwynne-Corvidae | 3 comments “You’re welcome. Let me know if you need anything else,” she enthused, eyes wandering over his work. It looked like a schematic of some kind, the details of which were completely lost on her. She had been an average student, not the worst, but not the top of her class. She had graduated and gone after a degree in the performing arts, and it hadn’t meant much. This man, though, was clearly an intellectual. He might as well have been dressed in a lab coat and suit, spouting astrophysics nonsense; she could believe it.

Not wanting to disturb his process—did he have a process? Was that what it was called? She couldn’t be certain—she returned behind the counter, passing Ruben as she went. He leaned casually against the prep counter, arms crossed as though admonishing her for her lack of action.

“You know, you could always ask for his number,” he said as she grabbed a clean rag to start cleaning the machine, “Or, hell, just go give him yours.”

“I’m working up to it, Rue. Haven’t you ever heard of a slow burn?”

“Ro, you’re burning so slow, a snail could outrun your blaze.” There was that look again.

“I told you, I’m working on it,” she said, glancing over her shoulder towards the man at his table. Watching out of the corner of her eye as he took sips from his cup but mostly his focus seemed to be on those papers before him. She liked to watch the flex of his jaw when he clenched it as what she assumed was something about his work that was vexing him. Or the ripple of muscle beneath his worn band shirt, or the light bounce of his knee as he seemed to figure out an issue and correct it in his notes. She just liked to look at him. He was fascinating and breathtakingly handsome and she wondered if he even knew it.

With how focused he was on his work, she wondered if he would even notice the “Have an awesome day” scrawled in cursive on the side of his cup with a sharpie.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 194 comments The plans were not working out and Sid was going to habe to do some serious work if he were to get this machine to actually work. His glasses have came off this point so he could rub them, pinching his nose at the same time by how dumb the machine was, why did he always have to complicate things? This time his focus was on the cup when he reached for it, and noticed some writing on it. He turned it and read the gorgeous cursive on it, a smile creeping along his onxe frowning face. "That is awfully nice of 'em." Sid spoke to himself of course, but proably was loud enough to hear as he grinned at that fact someone wrote out a little message for him. Sid turned towards the counter seeing if he coukd tell if anyone wrote it, but it didnt look like it. Sid always had the feeling that someone or something was watching so the turn around was also to look for eyes starting back. He saw that! That was it, Ro. He saw Ro looking out the window, but not really thinking she was l9oking at him, but his eyes lingered for a moment to take in all of her before he returned to the work, knowing he had to restart, the blue paper was crumbled up and he got to walk it over to the trash can.

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