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Niran | 681 comments Hey! Is it okay if I play the girl in the love/hate relationship and the boy in the friendship/love one?

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments That’s fine with me! I was wanting to be the girl in the friendship one lol.

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Niran | 681 comments Okay cool :D
I’m going to create character profiles, nothing too long as I like to reveal things in the roleplay.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Okay. ^-^ I will get mine up as soon as possible. I’m getting ready for work so it may be awhile. >.<

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Niran | 681 comments Gender: Male

Name: James Luther Doyle

Age: 21




James is a bit of a bad boy, he likes to be rebellious and loves to give himself full freedom. However, he’s still a kind hearted person who never judges or is mean without reason. He just loves to live life to the fullest and be as spontaneous as possible, he likes to encourage his friends to be so too.


Gender: Female

Name: Anya Hepunyeti

Age: 21




Anya puts up a front; she acts quite confident but really she has a lot of insecurities that she doesn’t voice. She likes to remain confident, out spoken and mysterious. She’s very stubborn but definitely knows when she’s wrong, therefore she will apologise. Shes definitely the girl who sticks to her music, her books, her parks and corners of rooms, she doesn’t mind being alone either, just not all the time.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Name: Aurora Marie Conner
Age: 20
Personality: Aurora has always been the sweet girl that usually got taken advantage of because she was so trusting. Because of that she built walls up with almost everyone except her best friend. They were always complete opposites, but she was always happiest with him and able to complete be herself, no matter how naïve she was.


Name: Daniel Aidan Wynters
Age: 21
Personality: Anyone first meeting Daniel would probably describe him the same way: as a conceited jerk. Yes, he is confident in his looks and doesn’t tend to back down from any kind of challenge so he probably does come off as both, but realistically he is just confident and stubborn. He is actually very nice when not being pushed by someone annoying him.

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Niran | 681 comments Are all of them going to be friends already?

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments We can make all of them friends so it is easier on how my guy and your girl know each other.

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Niran | 681 comments Cool, do you want me to start?

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Yes please. ^-^

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Niran | 681 comments ((Sorry it’s kind of short, I’ll write more. I just want to get things started but didn’t know what else to blabber on about XD))

It was never a surprise to anyone when Anya was siting below a tree, perfect in the shade that it provided while having her nose stuck in a book, and that was exactly what she was doing right now. She didn’t have s lecture to get to until 12:30pm so she had about an hour and a bit to kill, which gave her plenty of time to read her book that she was so immersed in. Her friends would probably roll their eyes at her and moan at her about how she had another book in her hands. But she couldn’t help it, it’s what she loved.
She moved her bag up on the trunk of the tree, using her bag as a cushion as she lay her head there and lay down while still reading. She was so focused that everything was muted to her; the noise of the campus clutter, the constant movement of students and so on. She didn’t notice anything but the words that she was reading in those lightly, tinted pages.


James had been in class since 10:30, and so far this lecture was killing him. He hadn’t gotten enough sleep last night because of this new tv show he was watching which was such a wrong move to make. Why start a tv show when you know you have to be up early for class the next day.
James drew a little sketch, a little stick man falling asleep on his desk and pushed it over to his close friend Aurora, giving her a quick and sneaky smile then going back to pretending to pay attention to the professor. He couldn’t pay too much attention to her, otherwise he would get completely distracted and side tracked.
He was scribbling some notes, he might as well. He couldn’t afford to fall asleep and not know what was going on in class, so he pushed his foggy mood away and exhaled, taking notes and trying to pay attention.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((Lol it’s okay! Starters are hard. >.< ))

Daniel grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder when he heard his number called. He had gotten a pizza in the school’s cafeteria, it wasn’t the best food, but he had to have something before class. After picking it up he headed outside, the indoors were always way too crowded for his liking, he preferred the outdoors anyway. Walking towards the building that his first lecture of the day was in he smirked seeing Anya under a tree with her nose in a book as always.
Making his way towards her he sat down beside her, “Do you ever do anything else? Meet new people? Parties? Anything besides read?”


Aurora was the type of student that wanted classes over with early and had been taking 8am classes every semester so this was her second class of the day. She was always a good student and probably took more detailed notes than why wasn’t needed for any class. As she was looking down writing she saw a piece of paper being slid to her.
Glancing up to James she couldn’t stop herself from returning his smile. His smile was infectious and the fact that they always had a spark between them made it hard for her to not smile when looking at him. Looking at the little sketch she held in a laugh and wrote quickly, Sleep if you’re tired. You can study off my notes. Sliding it back to James she went back to writing down what sounded important in her mind.

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Niran | 681 comments While enjoying her book, Anya felt her nose wrinkle and wobble as she smelt pizza. It was a delicious smell which made her look up from her book to see Daniel, pizza box in hand as he looked at her.
“Meet new people? No thanks. Go to parties? I’d rather not”, she replied, rolling her eyes slightly,” There’s always people at parties I don’t want to meet or ever associate with”. But the truth was, she wanted to experience all these things, she just never got invited because people thought she was moody and angsty. It was her fault for giving off that impression, but what was done was done.
“Have you ever stuck your head in a book? Or do you just meet new people and party?”, she asked, tilting her head slightly and raising her eyebrows.
Daniel was the typical bad boy that Anya had seen in movies and read in books. It wasn’t a surprise to her anymore as she had known him for quite a bit now.


Fall asleep?
He wanted to so much, but he knew that it would get him no where. He needed to be better. So he shook his head out, and focused on the class. Trying not to glance over at Aurora and trying to really, truly focus. Today was just an off day, he was sleepy and distracted and kind of moody.
Finally, after a while, they were dismissed.
Everyone was packing their things away and some were already out the door without any hesitation, some didn’t even look back. Maybe it was one of those days for everyone, James thought, smiling and shaking his head as he put his things back in his bad.
“I’m starving”, he stated, looking to Aurora with puppy eyes,” Lets get something from the cafeteria, I’ll pay”. He winked at her and put his arm over her shoulders, kissing the side of her head and walking out with her.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Sitting down beside her Daniel lifted an eyebrow, “Now what is wrong with meeting new people and going to parties? Who says you have to associate with them ever again it is just to have fun for a night and loosen up.” Opening the box he showed her that he got half her favorite, “Hungry?” He asked as he took one of the slices off his half. “Yes, I have read books. Not my thing though. People are too interesting to let all of them pass you by. How else would you find a boyfriend?” He asked her jokingly knowing it always annoyed her when he brought up dating to her.


Aurora smiled when she saw him shaking his head to stay awake. It was cute when he was stubborn she always thought. When class was over she stretched out her back then began packing her stuff away. The night before had been long with all the odd dreams she kept having that woke her up. Hearing James voice his starvation she looked over right into his puppy dog eyes and felt like she would melt right there. Giggling she patted his head gently, “Aww poor thing,” she said in a sing song type voice. “You don’t need to pay for me,” she said as she stood up with him. How could she love and hate when he winked at her and kissed her head like that? Probably because she didn’t have the nerve to tell him she liked him as more than a friend. Wrapping an arm around his waist as they walked she looked up at him, “Sure you just want cafeteria food?” She asked curiously.

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Niran | 681 comments She knew he was right, but she just didn’t want to admit it. Anya knew what type of person she was; it was hard for her to make friends, real and true friends. It just wasn’t part of her character to be very social. She came off as rude but the thing was she wasn’t, a lot of people had told her she had resting bitch face and she couldn’t help it! It was just her expression!
“You know what I’m like, Daniel. I’m not like you, Aurora or James”, but she wanted to be. She just looked away and gave a sigh, not really wanting to talk about it anymore.
Suddenly she smelt her favourite pizza; it was a Texas barbecue pizza filled with meat. She turned around and gave a smile as her eyes met with the pizza. Before she could stop herself she was hugging Daniel tightly,”Thank you thank you!”.
But then he mentioned something about a boyfriend, which made her playfully push him back. She scrunched up her face at him,” I doubt anyone in this college would want to be my boyfriend”, she chuckled, ripping a bit of pizza from her half.


“Of course I have to pay. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do”, he replied, giving her a little smile. He also really, really wanted to impress her, because he liked her and wanted to be in her good books. He knew that she only thought of him as a friend, but he thought of her as much more. He never had the guts to truly say anything. Which was ironic, because he was all about living your best life and being outgoing, just not when it came to her. If she didn’t like him, things would become weird and awkward between them, and he didn’t want that to happen.
It felt nice when she put her arms around his waist, and he forced himself to not blush, not wanting to give anything away. He looked aside to her and shrugged,” Do you you not want cafeteria food? We can get something else if you like. Pizza from the Pizzeria down the street, Chinese food, Italian? Whatever you want”.
They deserved a good lunch, they were both starving and had both paid attention in that horrible, slow class.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Daniel had taken a bite of his pizza and was chewing while he listened to her. Rolling his eyes at her comment he looked over at her. “You’ve got to be kidding me right? Do you not remember how shy Aurora was our first year here? She wouldn’t go anywhere without James back then, but she has become more social. Yeah she still prefers only being around the three of us, but she does talk to others. You’re just scared to let people in, Anya.” He wasn’t trying to be mean, not really, but sometimes it felt like the more he pushed her with talking to new people the more likely she actually would.
Surprised by her sudden hug he returned it with his free arm, holding his pizza slice away so it wouldn’t get on her clothes. “Jeez girl did you get wrapped in your book so much you forgot food was important?” He asked while still hugging her. Daniel laughed when she pushed him away after his boyfriend comment and shrugged, “Until you meet more of them how do you know?” Of course as much as they annoyed one another he was fairly sure he would hate it if she started dating someone.


Aurora looked up at James and returned his smile, “Have you ever noticed you’re only concerned with being gentlemanly with me?” She asked bumping into him playfully. She didn’t mind that he only really was with her, at least then even if she couldn’t tell him how she felt it still made her feel like she was special to him. She had come close to telling him before at a party, but by the time she found him some girl had her tongue shoved down his throat which made her leave not wanting to know more and she never asked or told him she saw them.
Yawning a little she rested her head against his side as they walked and groaned, “As good as the Italian place sounds I’m exhausted. Cafeteria would be easier so I can go back to my dorm and sleep after. Maybe we can go to get Italian for dinner tonight?” She suggested. Any other person it would have sounded like planning a date, but she knew he wouldn’t see it that way.

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Niran | 681 comments Anya had been eating her pizza as Daniel spoke to her, but she suddenly stopped, looking away and biting down on her lip. He was right, she was afraid of letting anyone in. She just ignored his comment, not wanting to discuss it any further or go into any depth.
She just continued eating.
“I don’t want a boyfriend”, she replied.
“Relationships in college are distracting and I don’t have time for it”, she uttered confidently. She didn’t care for one right now, it was too much work and she had enough of that. Sure, there had been guys that she had talked to and flirted with for a little bit, but that’s literally all it was. She didn’t feel anything for them, she didn’t want to.
“All I need is you, Aurora and James”, Anya smiled warmly, her dimples appearing.
She went back to eating pizza and became full, she lay back down on the grass and gave a huge sigh,” Oh, I’m so full now”, she chuckled, her hands spread on her stomach as she did so. She turned on her side and winked playfully at Daniel,” I owe you”.


James grinned down at her, letting out a laugh and shaking his head,” Typical Aurora”. She somehow always ended up being sleepy or falling asleep after class, it was a common occurrence for Aurora to go back to her dorm and sleep once her class was over. But then she would be up most of the night and the cycle would repeat. James knew because she would end up texting him at ungodly hours in the night and early morning.
“Oooh Italian tonight sounds good. Should we ask Daniel and Anya if they want to come too?”, he asked, raising his eyes brows.
He had just realised he may have stabbed himself in the back. He could have been alone with Aurora the whole time, no offence to Daniel or Anya, it was just that James felt something for Aurora and wanted to spend as much quality time with her as possible.
He let out a little laugh, not really sure how to move past the question and avoid it all together.
“Or should it just be you and me?”, he asked, looking in to her eyes, his tone and voice more softer than usual.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Daniel sighed when he saw her biting her lip when she looked away, “I’m sorry,” he told her sincerely. As fun as it was to annoy her about her books and lack of wanting to meet people he didn’t really like hurting her feelings. She was just fun when she would get hot tempered from his teasing, when it hurt her that was the last thing he wanted.
Daniel leaned back against the tree beside her and looked over at her at her declaration, “You don’t? You have flirted with a lot of guys to not want a boyfriend at all,” he told her nudging her playfully. “What happened to that smart guy from your chemistry class or whatever it was anyway?” He asked genuinely curious. “Pfft we get boring you need more than just us,” he tried to convince her though he didn’t really want to share her time. It was bad enough when Aurora and James were around too. Even if they were his friends. Watching her lay out on the grass he chuckled shaking his head as she dramatically held her stomach, “Oh I know you owe me,” he winked. “That also means I get to pick what it is you do to pay me back,” he grinned.


“Hey I’ve been up since six. Well earlier actually since I kept having crappy dreams,” she told him as she moved some of her long blonde hair out of her face. “Besides I didn’t text you this time you can’t complain,” she told him as she reached over and poked his stomach gently.
Looking up at him when he suggested asking Anya and Daniel around she made sure to keep the smile on her face though inside she could feel her heart sink slightly. She always got her hopes up and it was slightly annoying if she was honest. But when he spoke again in a softer tone than she had ever really heard him use she couldn’t stop the surprise on her face, “Um well honestly I was thinking just us.”

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Niran | 681 comments Anya gave him a shake of her head, a small, forgiving smile on her face; he had nothing to apologise for. It was just her being insecure. She knew he liked to tease her, as she did with him too. It was their thing.
She sat up, her hair falling behind her back and a little floating at the front. She looked at him and cringed,” Urgh, no. That guy got really douchey, he was sexist and mean”. The thought of that guy made Anya want to puke, that guy had been incredible rude to people. One of those stereotypical jocks you see presented in the movies.
“The ideal boyfriend would be someone I’ve been friends with for a while, I want to know them”, she zoned out and babbled on, looking out at their surroundings, not really aware of what she was saying and who exactly she was saying it to. But she suddenly became aware and blushed ever so slightly, a flutter of colour coming to her cheeks. She coughed lightly and shook her head out, giving a little laugh and turning back to him.
She raised her eyebrows and gave him a smile, leaning in slightly,” Oh really?”.
This would be interesting.


James let out a laugh,”Alright, alright. You get a pass this time”, letting her off the hook and continuing to walk their way to the cafeteria.
He let out a huge smile as she stated she wanted it to be just them; he kept thanking whatever god there was that she didn’t want their other friends to join them and that they could have some more privacy. He tried to hide his smile so he turned away ever so slightly, he’s face looking out.
Yes, he thought, yesssss!
He turned back to her, realising she mentioned bad dreams. His eyebrows came together and his face formed a confused and curious expression. He stopped in his tracks, taking a hold of Auroras shoulder and looking down at her with worry.
“What kind of dreams? Are they really bad? Scary? Has anything been going on that you need to talk about?”.
His questions went on and on as he became worried and unsure of what she had meant by having crappy dreams. He hoped it wasn’t anything too terrible.
“What’s going on, Aurora?”, he asked gently, giving her a reassuring look, letting her know she could tell him anything.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Returning her smile Daniel ended up eating the whole half of his pizza and groaned laying back in the grass more. Shielding his eyes he watched her as she sat up and started to laugh, “I told you! I knew he seemed too perfect when you brought him around at first. You didn’t want to believe me and told me I was jealous,” he teased tugging lightly at some of her hair. Watching her as she talked he lifted an eyebrow as she described her perfect boyfriend. “Hmm you realize if you refuse to meet anyone besides me and James that leaves only us being able to be your boyfriend possiblities right?” He grinned at the idea though if she looked it would look like he was just teasing her.
“Oh yes really. And I’m not telling you what it is yet so don’t even ask.” He had to figure out his wording to not make it sound like a date, but her payback was going to be going to a party with him the next weekend.


“Exactly,” she said with a satisfied smile. “I told you I would stop with my ungodly hours of texting and I have been better. Mostly.”
When he stayed quiet about her wanting to go to dinner just the two of them she began chewing on her lip nervously. “Is that okay? To go to dinner just us I mean? I enjoy being with Anya and Daniel, but their picking at one another can sometimes get old. They need to just date and stop pretending they don’t like one another,” Hint, hint, she thought to herself. Maybe she could tell him tonight. Maybe.
As he stopped she looked at him confused as he grabbed her shoulders. Holding in her laughter she let him finish firing off all of his questions. Finally unable to hold it in she began to giggle. “James! They’re just dreams,” she said with a smile, resting her hands against his waist. “I’m fine I promise. I read some of a Stephen King book before bed and it made me have dreams that yes scared me. I’m completely and totally fine though. You worry entirely too much about me. I always tell you when something is wrong you know that.”

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Niran | 681 comments At the pull of her hair Anya turned around, somewhat scowling at Daniel and confidently saying,” You were jealous, don’t try and lie”. She knew for sure that he had been, whenever she had brought the other guy up he would get all moody and angsty about it. Even Aurora and James had noticed it.
She thought about his next statement, her eyebrows coming together as she pressed her lips together. What he said made sense, but would it be so bad if the only option she had was Daniel. She didn’t consider James because he was like her brother and Aurora was like her sister, and they clearly had a thing for each other. It was only a matter of time before they confessed to each other and got together. She looked at Daniel and gave a jokingly, disgusted face, but ended up smiling and giggling afterwards.
She gave a sigh, laying on her stomach and bracing her head on her hands as she lay next to Daniel, looking at him and saying,” I’m going to regret owing you, aren’t I?”. She could already feel it; he was going to make her do something that she wouldn’t normally do.


“Of course it’s okay. It’s more than okay. Their bickering is kind of too much some times. I love them but sometimes I want to shout at them like their little kids”, he chuckled, explaining his reasons.
It was a big bonus to be alone with Aurora. He was sure Daniel and Anya wouldn’t take offence or cause a problem out of him and Aurora going to dinner. They understood.
James gave a little laugh at her comment about Anya and Daniel needing to date,” Ha ha, I know right”. It felt like they were talking about themselves.
He pinched her nose ever so lightly, and gave a smile,” I can’t help but worry a little bit”, more than a little bit. He worried about her a lot, but he also knew she was a tough cookie and could handle things. He just wanted her to know that he would be here for her through anything, thick or thin and that it would always be that way.
“I’m glad it’s nothing serious”, he smiled, putting his arm around her again and continuing to walk towards the cafeteria. He could smell the food from here and his stomach suddenly let out a growl,” Whoops”, he said sheepishly, laughing.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Daniel smirked when she scowled at him. “Not jealous. Annoyed because the guy was going to treat you like a jerk and I was right. I didn’t really want to be right, but he was see through. To me anyway.” He shrugged lazily. Yeah he had been jealous, but he was never going to out right admit that to her. Or even himself really. Chuckling at her disgusted look he raised an eyebrow, “What? Are we that bad of options in boyfriends?” He knew she wouldn’t think of James that way, but he wasn’t going to single himself out and possibly make her realize his crush on her. Grinning wickedly he shrugged, “Maybe, Maybe not. I hadn’t seen it as you owing me until you said it so you walked right into it yourself.”


Aurora relaxed and smiled up at him. Laughing softly she nodded, “Their bickering does get annoying. I love them, too, but I like getting to spend time just us too. It’s nice not always having crowds around.” Looking in his eyes she smiled again. It was getting harder to look at him and not smile...
“Maybe one day they will. I think they will get so angry with one another they end up kissing in the heat of the moment and that will be it,” she giggled softly. She thought it would be rather adorable if that happened. Now if she could just think of how to tell James her feelings aseasily as she thoughther friends should tell each other their’s.
Scrunching her nose up when he pinched it playfully, she ended up hugging around his waist automatically. “It’s sweet that you worry about me so much and I really do appreciate it.” Her parents hadnever been the best to her so having someone like James care always made her happy. “Nothing serious at all. Just dumb dreams.” Keeping her arm around his waist when they began walking again she laughed hearing his stomach growling, “Did you not eat breakfast again?”

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Niran | 681 comments Anya gave a little smile, it was sweet that Daniel looked out for her like that. But she also knew he was jealous, she didn’t need him to confirm that because it had been obvious. However, she just shrugged it off, not wanting to start a disagreement out of no where, even though that was kind of their thing.
She gave a small shrug, looking at Daniel and saying,” Not that bad”, referring to his comment about him and James. Although she was only talking about Daniel.
Anya face palmed, because it was true, she had walked right into it. Part of her didn’t mind owing him because then they would spend more time with each other, but she also regretted it because she didn’t know what he would make her do.
“You know what”, she exclaimed confidently, removing her palm from her face and giving him an outgoing look,” Bring it. I’ll be prepared”.
Haa, she thought, no you won’t.
She was faking confidence right now, and she did that a lot.


James was glad she appreciated how he thought about her, because that’s all he wanted, wanted her to know that he always thought about her. Maybe a bit too much.
“Yeah”, James laughed,” They probably will”.
He also wondered what would happen with them. Maybe tonight he could try and tell her how he really felt, he would have to work up the courage. He knew that he would regret never knowing if she felt the same way or not.
“You know I’m here for you always, no matter what”, James smiled, knocking his head carefully to hers playfully. They were always kidding around, but somehow they always needed to be close to each other. He thought it was mostly because her parents weren’t really there for her, it was something of comfort maybe. Whatever it was, he didn’t mind it at all.
“You know me so well. I’m not really a breakfast person”, he shrugged. But as they approached the cafeteria, a clutter of students and a bit of noise, his starvation became more apparent. He got into the line for food and sniffed at the air,” That smells good”.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Daniel rubbed his hands over his face, he wasn’t ready to have classes that day after being up so late, but he knew he didn’t have a choice. Looking over at Anya when she spoke again he laughed softly, “Not that bad huh? Well I guess that is better than ‘eww gross you both suck.’” He said with a teasing grin.
Turning on to his side to face her he propped his head up on his hand. It was cute when she face palmed since he knew that meant she knew he was right. He didn’t care to buy his friends food and didn’t expect anything back when he did, but since she was the one that blurted it out he figured why not? “Oh yeah? Alright next weekend you’re going to come to a party with me then. You’re going to dance and loosen up for the night.” He smiled looking in her eyes.


Looking up at James, Aurora smiled thinking of all the times he had been there for her when she needed him most. Squeezing his side gently she nodded, “I know you are. And I’m glad you are. I think you are the only person that puts up with my tears after break ups.” Sighing at the thought of break ups she bit her lip. That was what kept her from telling him anything. If he didn’t feel the same it would be another break up only this time losing the only person that was always there. She wasn’t sure she could handle that.
Laughing a little she shook her head, “So eat pizza for breakfast,” she suggested with a smile. “It is better than starving until lunch after classes,” she told him. Smelling the food she lifted her eyebrows, “Surprisingly it does smell good today. And since you hate breakfast why did you do early classes with me anyway? You know you didn’t have to.”

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Niran | 681 comments “What!?”
Anya immediately sat up, her eyes wide and her face stunned at his comment about her going to some party next weekend. She started to shake her head, giving him an anxious look and whining,” No no no. Daniel!”
She didn’t really do parties. She had tried it once and she hadn’t really enjoyed it; just a bunch of people getting drunk, getting high and making it out.
Last time Anya had gone to a party she had stuck out like a sore thumb, wearing her oversized anime tee and a beanie on her head, while everyone else was dressed casually to impress or barely dressed at all. Everyone then even saw she was a little nerd that was completely out of place in the corner.
“You know what it was like last time!”, she continued whining, giving him a sulky look. However, she knew that there was no way she was getting out of this. She would just have to go and pretend, act like she was enjoying herself. Urghhhh!


James gave a little laugh at her break up comment, it had hurt him every time she was hurt or going out with someone else. He didn’t know if she cared when he tried to move on with other girls, he was clueless.
He nodded, his expression showing sudden interest,” It really doesn’t smell bad today”, which was extremely surprisingly because everyone knew the cafeteria wasn’t known for the food. The food wasn’t terrible but it was great either, it was just...okay.
They drew closer and closer in the line, slowly making their way to the trays, plates and utensils.
“Maybe it’s because we’re both hungry”, he shrugged.
He turned to her immediately and his eyebrows came together, he wanted to be there in her morning class, not just for her but for him too.
“I like morning classes. You get them out of the way and have the day ahead”, he shrugged. “It’s not all about you, missy”, he stated jokingly, sticking out his tongue in a playful way.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments When she shouted he cringed a little and held in his laugh. Watching her shake her head and try to deny she was going her shook his head, “You’re going, Anya. How many times have you made me do something I found boring and I didn’t complain when I owed you?” He asked lifting an eyebrow at her.
Sitting up he took hold of her face gently as it seemed like she might panic over the thought. “Hey look at me. That was last time. We surprised you with that at the last minute. This time you have over a week to get mentally prepared for that many people being around. You are going to be perfectly fine okay?”


Aurora looked up at him when he only laughed about the break up comment. Deciding to not ask what was funny she nodded along to his next statement, “Maybe I won’t spend the day nauseous this time. Though that could be too,” she agreed with a shrug while gathering her tray and utensils. She hated having to let go of him and stayed as close as she could to his side.
Aurora rolled her eyes, “Oh you hate mornings!” She exclaimed laughing. “Uh huh you know your world revolves around me,” she teased sticking her tongue out at him as well.

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Niran | 681 comments When he grabbed and held her face she had no other choice but to look into his sure eyes, telling her everything would be fine. She knew that part of her was overreacting, but she just didn’t really fit in with these people that went to parties, she was different.
She calmed down, his eyes soothing her and she nodded while his hands were still on her face.
“Fine”, she said softly.
Then she did a double take,” Hey! You said they were fun and that you had a good time!”. But then again, who was she kidding? She enjoyed art, museums and poetry readings and yes she had sometimes dragged her friends with her.
“Fine they sucked”, she moaned, mimicking him and their other friends. She had had a good time, but it didn’t mean her friends had.


“Of course my world revolves around you”, he said softly, looking back at her and giving her a little smile. He was serious but he was also messing around. He looked back down at the tray and continued walking on, the lunch ladies serving them their plate of pizza and a browny for dessert.
“I feel like I’m back at high school”, James chuckled, walking towards a table as Aurora followed behind him. He sat down, looking over at her as he usually did. She stayed as close as she could and he made sure to keep an eye on her, just because he felt safe knowing she was okay even in the most safest of situations.
He sat down and finally bit into his pizza, surprised and nodding,” I don’t know if it’s the starvation but this is the most amazing pizza I have ever had”.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Daniel felt bad that she was panicking over this, but he was determined to get her out of her shell. He knew there was more inside her than just the likes she let surface and he wasn’t sure why she hid certain aspects of who she was, but he wanted to find out. “Look it will be fun. There’s a week before the party you’re going to be okay I promise.” He gave her a quick hug and released her.
Chuckling softly he shook his head, “Anya, look at me. Do I even remotely look like a guy into art museums? I barely know any artists! I went for you. They didn’t suck, I just don’t know anything about art.”


Aurora blushed lightly when he agreed his world revolves around her. She had been joking, but his tone sounded more serious than she was expecting. After getting her slice of pizza and brownie she went over to get a small salad. Laughing a little she nodded, “This part does feel a bit like high school again. Especially since we always adjusted our schedules to make sure we had the same lunch period.” Sitting beside him Aurora met his eyes and smiled again.
Starting on her salad first she laughed again, “Good. I’m glad it tastes better this time.” Taking a bite of the pizza she lifted her eyebrows, “Wow it actually is good. Surprising.” After eating a few more bites she looked over at James, “What are you going to do after this?”

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Niran | 681 comments Anya sulked a little, her lips pouty and her eyes wide. She just let out a sigh and nodded, agreeing and complying with Daniel. She didn't really have a choice, she owed him for pizza and for also coming to the things she was interested in even though he wasn't interested.
"Alright, alright", she gave a little smile, nudging him and continuing,"I guess I owe you for all the times you've come with me to places". Daniel never really complained, he acted interested and intrigued and Anya found that so sweet.
"I'll make sure to have fun", Anya smiled, looking at him with warmth.


James had noticed her blush, but he quickly pushed it away, telling himself that it was just because he had embarrassed her slightly.
He had shoved his face with pizza as Aurora spoke, and he immediately nodded at her comment about the pizza being decent, "Right?", he agreed. He started chewing and finally his mouth was empty of any pizza, he looked aside to Aurora and gave a shrug,"Probably going to start on some assignments so that I don't have to worry about it later". He was a studious kid, he would put his head down and just get on with it. But sometimes it all got to him and he procrastinated.
"You going to go back to the dorm and sleep?", he chuckled.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((I’m sooo sorry! I thought I replied to this before the hectic part of last week began. >.<))

“You know you are kinda cute when you pout like that,” he told her with a wink as he laid back in the grass again. It was always fun to try and get Anya flustered and giving her some kind of compliment usually worked for him.
Chuckling he nodded, “Exactly. Plus it will be fun if you just give it the right chance. You always go in thinking you will be miserable when you wouldn’t be if you just took a few deep breaths and relaxed.” He smiled at her when she agreed she would have fun, “Thank you,” he told her as he absently played with some of her hair.


Aurora ate quietly, her stomach was in knots thinking about going to get Italian with James alone that night that she really wasn’t hungry and was mostly poking at it. His answer to what he was going to do didn’t surprise her. She wanted to hang out with him all day, but didn’t know if that would be a good or bad thing for her nerves. Sticking her tongue out at his guess for what she would do she shrugged, “I might go to the school gym first, but I dunno. Sleep before tonight sounds good too.”

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Niran | 681 comments ((So sorry!! I forgot to reply to this! Things have been pretty hectic! Hope you're okay :D))

Anya felt her eyes widen and her body stiffen as he teased her and flirted with her. She didn't even know if it was genuine flirting or if he was just screwing around, she always got such mixed signals from him that she didn't know where she stood with him. Without really realising she slapped him hand away from her hair, immediately regretting it because it actually felt good. She gave him a sheepish smile and a nervous laugh.
But then she realised...
"Oh crap! I've got to go! See you later!", she gathered her things quickly and walked away even quicker to get to her class.


"Wow, you...go gym", James teased, giving her a cocky little smile as he teased her. He laughed at her little tongue sticking out and scrunched his nose at her in response. She was so cute.
He knew she occasionally went to the gym, he just liked to push her buttons in a joking way from time to time, he couldn't help it. James took a huge bite of his pizza, his mouth full, making it evident that he was extremely hungry. He was a growing boy after all, he needed to eat as much as possible. He also knew it wouldn't affect his appetite for this evening with her either, he was literally a trash bin that would devour things.

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