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message 1: by Nephthys (new)

Nephthys | 7 comments Does anyone know about a book where a woman lives next door to a wolf pack and falls for the alpha? She has a friends who are Vampires, has special wards in her house, and in the story a female pack of wolf's camp out in the alpha's garden.

It's not mercy thompson


message 2: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Watts | 35 comments Sorry, no.

message 3: by Meara (new)

Meara (meaira) | 3 comments mercy Thompson perhaps?

message 4: by Meara (new)

Meara (meaira) | 3 comments ok didn't read that last part. 🙃

message 5: by Bunnycore (new)

Bunnycore | 63 comments Okay question is she a PI? And was in a different realm at some point. Her wards in her house were disks?

The book im thinking of is Guarded (The Silverton Chronicles, #1) by Carmen Fox

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