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Shade Rachea (shaderachea) The Crown of Amiriel Hi guys! I recently signed with a publisher and my book, The Crown of Amiriel, is being rereleased by them soon! It is a YA fantasy inspired by LOTR and a little bit of X-Men. If you're interested email me at Thanks!

Warrior princess Raynin is the most powerful person in the Guardian Realm, despite having unstable powers. She’s also the most loyal. Her best friend, Prince Riley, is second. After Raynin is named heir to the coveted Crown of Amiriel, the most powerful object in all the realms, the two of them are forced to flee the kingdom and seek refuge in another realm to avoid death. Soon, that realm is thrust into an unexpected war against a merciless king, for harboring the teens, forcing Raynin and Riley to make new alliances and learn to trust and rely on others. With the help of their friends, Raynin and Riley must fight to stay alive while trying to get a grasp on their powers and find the Crown before anyone else. Only problem is, the king has sent more than one assassin after them and the Crown, making staying alive that much harder.

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Ellyza Go (ellyza_go) | 1 comments Hello Shade, as a loyal fan of the X-Men this sounds absolutely amazing! I'll send you an email in a bit!

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