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What did you like about Sheila Robert's new book, Welcome to Moonlight Harbor. The characters, the setting, the fact that it is the beginning of a new series? Please share your thoughts

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Virginia Lloyd I could not put it down. Many others must not either. Guess who hit the USA Today best seller list the very first week her new book, Welcome to Moonlight Harbor is out? Our Sheila Roberts that's who! She also made this week's Publisher Weekly best-seller list.

So what do you attribute this success to? To me it is the underlying theme of determination, perseverance and courage it takes for women to start over in life.

What are your thoughts?

Mary I’m super excited to be at the beginning of a new series! It’ll be hard waiting for the next one ... looks like it’s time to reread this author’s earlier books!

Gail Hollingsworth I haven't met a book of Sheila Roberts that I didn't love. Welcome to Moonlight Harbor is her best one yet! I love the beach and this series, set at the beach, is perfect. I love her humor and her way of wording certain phrases.

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