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message 1: by Kate (last edited Apr 29, 2018 02:27AM) (new)

Kate (kathrynlouwca) I love being all caught up in a series. For this task, the book doesn't necessarily have to be the final book in the series, but it MUST be the most recently published. For example, in the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, 10 books are expected in the series. However, only 3 books have been released so far. Reading the third book in the series (Oathbringer) will count for this task.

Milestones: 9

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 215 comments The Cat of the Baskervilles, most recent published.

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan (meggomustreadbooks) | 32 comments Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows.

message 4: by Fanna (new)

Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 19 comments Herding Cats - #3 and most recent

message 6: by Mary (new)

Mary (maryarussell) | 11 comments Most recent in the series (I hope not the last!) Murder and Mendelssohn

message 7: by Reinvented (new)

Reinvented Reader | 5 comments Frederica in Fashion by MC Beaton (Six Sisters series)

message 8: by Karsyn (new)

Karsyn  (imzadi) Last in Series

4th (last) book in the Double Cross: 39 Clues series
Mission Atomic

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate (kathrynlouwca) Updated to Here: 9

message 12: by Cora (new)

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