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Am I mature enough to read?
Andros Andros Apr 26, 2018 04:04PM
My parents will not let me read this book, yet they have let me read books like It and The Name of the Wind. I am a very advanced reader, and even my parents admit that I am extremely intellectually mature, but they will not let me read this book due to its graphic violent and sexual content.

I'd suggest an opposite test, I'd set the reader age cap at about 16 and recommend no one older than that read it.

How old are you?

It depends, if you, like me, can easily handle reading about battle scenes, some sex, and everything else GOT is known for I say go ahead! For people in general I'd say 14 is the youngest you should read this book at, but I read it at 11, so it's really up to you. Plus the book is definitely not as graphic as the show, the writing style is also a bit older then we're used to nowadays, considering it's a 90's book, and it wasn't written to be sexy, or gorey, it was written in a way to tell a story, and those things are just a part of it.

What she said.

I have a hunch your parents have only seen the tv show which amps up both the sex and violence.

As far as the books themselves are concerned I don't remeber them being significantly (if at all) more violent than Dune, which I see you've read. The sex is certainly there but I don't recall there being much of it. The only distinctly explicit ones I remeber involved Tyrion and Daenerys (seperately lol) and there were only a couple of those. The rest was more implied than described. (All of this refers to the first book in the series)

Mind you, I'm going by memory and whining about sex and violence is not a part of the culture I live so I'm not particularly alert to them.

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