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message 1: by Jean (new)

Jean Connolly (jeanconnollyauthor) | 9 comments Hi, my name is Jean, and I'm looking for both beta readers for my second novel in my series as well as reviews for my first novel! If interested you can leave me a message on goodreads or email me at I've provided summaries of both books below:

Stone Cold, Book 1
After years of working for an insufferable boss at Seattle Private Eye, Melissa Kennedy is finally able to start up her own Private Investigating business. Searching for her new office, little did she know that one of her very first clients would be a dead teen, who is set on helping her find other victims. During her first case she gets sucked into a feud between two brothers, accusing one another of trying to take their Masonry company for themselves. Along the way she ends up pairing with a snippy Homicide Detective, who coincidentally is working the murder case of her ghost. Somehow her Masonry case gets caught in the crosshairs. Could it be possible that one of the brothers are responsible for the murder of local teenage boys?

Deadly Pleasures, Book 2
Local Puyallup teen, Jessie Anderson, lives with her sister and younger brother, who are doing everything they can to get by. When she goes missing, Melissa Kennedy is recruited by Jessie's sister, Hannah, to help find her. While searching for Jessie, Melissa finds deeply buried secrets that the girl would have taken to her grave.
Melissa is sought after by Homicide Detective Daniel Forrester once again, when a few local prostitutes turn up dead and drained of blood. Aided by their ghosts Melissa tries to use them to help find the killer, but they keep running into dead ends. How are they supposed to solve a murder case when luck doesn't even seem to be on their side?

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott Skipper | 49 comments I'm looking for beta readers for Gravity Waves, Alien Affairs IV.

There is an infinite number of parallel universes in the multiverse. With access to them, one can choose what age to be, or to arrive at the end of a journey across the stars before departing. This could be a very powerful tool in the hands of someone determined to alter the future. It could also be extremely dangerous.

Half-alien, Terrie Deshler, and her alien bashing mother, Carrie Player, surf the multiverse when they hear that Deshler, who tried to annihilate the human race, is in trouble for failing in his mission. The only way that they can reach Tau Ceti IV in time to intercede is to go back in time the thirty-two years it takes to make the transit, which also resets their ages. Then there is the minor issue of a marauding race of aliens who are looking for a new planet because theirs will be incinerated by a supernova. One more time, the Alien Affairs teams must save the human race, but this time they have the mind-twisting force of the multiverse to wield as a weapon more powerful than gravity waves.

Interested readers please contact me at Specify your preferred format.

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