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message 1: by Gareth (new)

Gareth D. | 103 comments Hi Librarians,

This book has got several confused editions:

There are 3 kindle editions for some reason, so can you delete 2 of them? The one at the top of the list has 'From Darkest Skies' in brackets, which is the name of the book that this follows on from , so I guess this was intended to be the series title, but there's nor series created.

The hardback edition has the ISBN from the paperback edition, which I've just read:

I don't know the ISBN for the hardback edition.


message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments 1) No issue with kindle editions, they all stay because they all have unique ASIN

2) Title came from Amazon that way just added the Series Number to it, although we have many that just have the series title like that with no number.

3) Created Series and Moved the new book to the correct author Profile Page.

4) It is possible that the Hardcover (if there is one) and the paperback have the same ISBN, I cannot find a listing that there is a hardcover, but that infor came directly from the Publisher.

5) We can create and ACE for you for the Paperback that states it has the same ISBN as the Hardcover.

message 3: by Gareth (new)

Gareth D. | 103 comments Thanks Phil. Yes please create the paperback with the same ISBN then if that works.


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