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Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's/YA set in NYC, published before 2011, girl/elderly woman friendship. [s]

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Phoebe | 3 comments Girl visiting elderly woman in NYC who tells her stories of her life. One of the stories was when she lived in a (middle eastern?) (hot?) country with a (prince?). There was something about a lot of jewels.

The girl doesn't like doing the visits in the beginning, but is made to (because of school?) (or elderly family member?). The woman has a lot of cool things in her apartment.

Read it at my elementary school library pre-2011, book was old at the time, and a hardcover.
May have a blue cover, but I checked it out at the same time as The View From Saturday and that is always the cover that sticks out in my mind.

Note: It is NOT the Maggie Steifvater old woman/monster in NYC with the young girl who reads for her. I love it that book, but this one is definitely different.

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Phoebe | 3 comments Yes! That's amazing! Thank you! Six years of trying to remember and you get it in 9 minutes lol

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5231 comments Hooray! I’m glad I could help. Enjoy!

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5231 comments Now you can move this to the "SOLVED: Children's/YA" folder and mark it as "about" this book.

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