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Elisa | 164 comments Seeking one or two betas for my YA Science Fantasy MS. It's about 75,500 words. 1st person/present tense

Six decades have passed since a deadly outbreak of the Konadai virus swept through an island city, turning people into vicious undead creatures with tentacle tongues and nearly wiping out the population.

When the last batch of beta vaccines fails, seventeen-year-old virology intern Hiromi begins a quest to collect more infected tissue samples from the vicious Konadai. She enlists the help of her childhood friend, Kenji—a soldier recruited into the city’s military due to his fire magic abilities—the two set out knowing a single bite equals death.

Soon they discover a mutual friend is bitten but shows no sign of infection. It’s the breakthrough Hiromi’s been searching for, unfortunately extracting the cure will cost their friend his life. Tensions flare between Hiromi and Kenji as they wrestle between betraying their life-long friend and sacrificing an innocent life or surrendering a chance for a cure.

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