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William Macias (willdoggdotcom) | 19 comments Hello Everyone!

I am brand new to GoodReads and posting a new thread is a great way to waste time at work. So far I have completed 6 books and am on track!

The following books I have completed so far:

1) Down and Out in Paris and London - In the Orwellian fashion, Orwell writes about poverty. This book is very relevant today, especially living in Southern California, where there are huge class differences. It's an important read in my opinion, understanding why and how an individual may be held in a certain class due to bigger reasons other than their own efforts.

2) If Our Bodies Could Talk: A Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Human Body - Great topical book and interesting read about medical issues tied in with social commentary. One can skip around in the book due to its topical format.

3) The House of the Spirits - In this magical realism book by Isabel Allende, the story is spread throughout several generations in the 20th century. Allende has a very clever writing style that jumps from narratives and ties in the characters that are of kin. The flow is enjoyable at a good pace, descriptive, and fun! Several themes arise such as feminism, class, politics, and religion. I highly recommend this fictional book!

4) The Dialogues: Conversations about the Nature of the Universe - A great attempt by author Clifford Johnson to discuss various concepts in physics in a comic book format. Not one that I would particularly recommend, there are better books describing various concepts in physics. And obviously, Marvel and DC have better artwork.

5) Still Water Saints - A good little read about a community and how a shop is tied into a the people of the community. The shop owner, Perla, a curandera (witch-doctor), is the center of the shop and the communities experience revolves around this shop.

6) Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy - I recommend this book as a must read as we enter a modern technological world of data science and algorithms. The author, Cathy O'Neil, breaks down how certain algorithms and data can affect our society in a harmful manner, from lending, teacher evaluations, college acceptance, etc.

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Blagica  | 12050 comments “Reading brings us unknown friends” While the warm weather is coming I hope you make some new friends in May! You are doing great keep it up!

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William Macias (willdoggdotcom) | 19 comments I am behind on my reading! Ahhhhh!!!!!

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Blagica  | 12050 comments Remember it's about enjoying not stressing! Happy Reading Will. Hoping July is full of page turning!

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William Macias (willdoggdotcom) | 19 comments 7) Prayers for the Stolen - The narrative of Ladydi and her experience growing up in the remote mountains of the state of Guerrero, Mexico tells a unique story of a girl surviving and living. We are reminded of our relationships with parents, friends, siblings, teachers, coworkers, strangers, etc., and how each person can leave a piece of who they are with us, carrying around their memory that helps us to continue with our path in life. The plot events of crime, kidnappings, and drug trafficking are heartbreaking and you really want to cheer for the characters in the community. The book also brings up the relationship between Mexico and the U.S., and no matter how remote a place may be, the American influence will always be there. I would honestly give this a 3.75 stars out of 5, a fast and fun read!

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William Macias (willdoggdotcom) | 19 comments I have reduced by book goal from 20 to 15! I have too many hobbies that get in the way!

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Blagica  | 12050 comments We all have hobbies that keep us busy as long as you are having fun. You are on your way to having a great year in books! Do you have a book you still can't wait to read? Halfway there you will get there.

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