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Riley (rileyfickett) | 154 comments Mod
This is the thread to discuss pages 58-120 of History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. Please keep discussion to this section of the book.

If you have not read this section yet, beware of spoilers in this thread!

Kira (shelfloving) | 19 comments It literally made me laugh out loud when they got caught in the grocery store buying the condoms.

I loved how the best friend and parents are being portrayed as happy and supportive and that the dad goes to the extent of researching what his son will need to know for sexual encounters. I cannot wait to dive into the rest of this book.

Riley (rileyfickett) | 154 comments Mod
The raw emotion of both Griffin and Jackson during this time of loss is so hard to read through. The loss of a loved one is so all consuming and I think that this book is doing a great job of really showing that.

I’m loving the glimpses back to Theo, Griffin, and Wade. The scene where they bought condoms was sooooo hilariously awkward. I feel so bad for wade, though. I feel like most of us know what it feels like to be forgotten about when a friend enters into a new relationship. Even worse when your two best friends start dating each other!

Kira (shelfloving) | 19 comments Riley wrote: "The raw emotion of both Griffin and Jackson during this time of loss is so hard to read through. The loss of a loved one is so all consuming and I think that this book is doing a great job of reall..."

I like that they are aware they are doing it and are trying. They are still keeping him out of the loop but its an effort a lot of people do not even try to make these days!

Andrea (booksandscribbles) | 32 comments Mod
The raw grief that Griffin and Jackson experience on the day of Theo's funeral was so hard to read. The part where Griffin's talking about alternate universes where there's a possibility that he would have found happiness with Theo just made me cry, it was so sad and then in the next chapter we go back to the past where they're buying condoms and the comedic relief was so needed after that heavy and emotional chapter.
It's one of the things that I love about Silvera's books. They feel so authentic because like life they are filled with ups and downs.

Belle Lumiere (bellelumiere) | 25 comments Mod
Team Griffin's parents tbh. The condom scene with the dad trying so hard not to be awkward and failing miserably "bees and bees?", made me laugh.

Sara S. (millionbookstoread) Like everyone mentioned that condom buying scene is so awkward and I face palmed so many times and just laughed because of the cringy-ness.

Something that I am really liking is how real the grief feels. Those around Griffin are walking on eggshells because they don’t know what to say or do, too worried about his reaction. But at the same time Theo’s mom talked about kids needing routine after a close death. And Griffin wholeheartedly agrees. And I wonder if this “routine” is one that is pure autopilot or something that he is active of choosing. This feels so real.

My favorite line is when his dad is talking about Jackson and he treated him that morning saying, “You can’t be pissed at your mother for being too nice to that guy and pissed at me for being too cold to him.”

It just hits home that Griffin is confused about what he is feeling toward Jackson. He saw him as black and white, the guy that stole Theo away. The other guy. But now after spending time with him and not just going through the motions and instead actively participating in remembering Theo, he sees this guy that is hurting just as much as him. True he saw it before at the funeral but it didn’t really process until now.

Such a good set of chapters; funny one moment, heartbreaking the next. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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