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message 1: by Jason (last edited Apr 26, 2018 09:37AM) (new)

Jason Donoghue | 13 comments So i have been having real trouble with a book, (forgotten empire kings & Queens ) its like a battle of the sexes book in a fantasy book. i am just looking for advise from book readers, the book is now close to an 8 year project for me, i have rewritten it so many time now.

So my questions are:

1: what is you favorite narrative first, second, or third.

2: would you read a book from different points of view where i give away the overall ending of the book in each book, but show different characters paths to the finish. ( six books overall )

message 2: by Siobhan (new)

Siobhan Quinlan | 18 comments 1. that depends on how it it written. sometimes I love 1st person other times it is done so badly I can't stand it.

message 3: by Siobhan (new)

Siobhan Quinlan | 18 comments 2. as long as there wasn't too much repeating of the same stuff over and over it can work really well

message 4: by Ali (new)

Ali (ali909) | 88 comments I second all of the above.
1. Depends really on how well it works for this particular story, how it's written. Sometimes 1st gives more space/freedom for explaining character's thoughts, perception, etc.

2. Once there's no receptiveness and no confusion as to who is who, it usually works fine.
Overall, I'd say

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason Donoghue | 13 comments I've written the first three chapters and the story is evolving but I am thinking with a limited POV much of the plot lines and storylines won't be seen.

I am hoping the reader fills in the blanks there selfs. Not sure it will work out

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