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Writing Buddy/Critique Partner Wanted for YA Fantasy

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message 1: by Ranada (new)

Ranada Givens (southernbookwrym) | 1 comments Hey ya'll, I am looking for a Writing Buddy/Critique Partner for my book that I am working on. I am still new to writing a book. I am very much into swapping stories, via email, or google docs(since google docs is the platform I write with).

1. Ranada Givens
5.Honesty, Someone who can help me build my novel, and someone who is honest, no matter if they have to give constructive criticism
6. ranadagivens20@gmail.com

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Lewis | 1 comments Hi, I would love to parterner with you. I mainly need someone to remind me to write.

1. Emily Lewis
2. Fantasy/ya
3. Indiana.
4. Publishing degree editorial focus
5. encouragement, honesty,
6. emily.michele.lewis@gmail.com

message 3: by PaigeNotPage (new)

PaigeNotPage | 2 comments Hey! If y’all are looking for multiple writing partners, I’m definitely looking! I’ve been working on my current WIP for the past year, but I’m still pretty new to writing. Here’s my info!

1. Paige
2. Fantasy/YA
3. Oklahoma
4. None
5. Honesty, constructive criticism, and support!

message 4: by PaigeNotPage (new)

PaigeNotPage | 2 comments 6. paigean18@gmail.com

Sorry! Forgot about number six!

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