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A massive clothing donation party, hosted by the Glam Clan for all Vanderbilt students in Evangeline Vanderbilt’s entrance hall. There are hundreds of racks loaded with clothing and plenty of mirrors.

Dates: April 28- May 19

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Santi A (santialessio) | 80 comments ((Is this where the RP is for this?))

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(( yes! ))

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Isadora entered the hallway in all its grandeur uneasily, cautiously edging her way in. She knew this event wasn’t out of the goodness of Glam Clan’s heart, and she’d probably be humiliated sooner or later for actually taking clothing, but she desperately wanted to fit in, even if fashion wasn’t her forte. Besides, who even kept up with fashion seasons anyway? She observed one of the racks, and found it was full of feathered mini-skirts, definitely something she would never wear. Beside her, students were scrambling to get their hands on last season’s lace Givenchy handbags, which according to her step-sister Cecily, were all the rage in March. She may have hated her step-sisters, but listening to their air-headed fashion conversations helped Isa from avoiding extremely outdated fashions and shift to the more currently “out” styles. She nervously tried to find something resembling her style, but it appeared that t-shirts and jeans were not the Glam Clan’s choice of outfit.

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Teetering in a pair of sky high Manolo Blahniks adorned with a crystal buckle and wearing a gaudy silk dress by Giambattista Valli, Chloé entered Evangeline’s quarters with a scowl already plastered on her face. “I don’t know why-“ she remarked, her voice raising in both shrillness and volume, “people would come to retrieve the Glam Clan’s leftovers.” She crossed her arms and her hot pink, alligator skin Hermès Birkin bag swung like a mace as she developed a petulant frown. Scholarship students were swarming around, practically making her shudder. If her family hadn’t won the lottery, she’d be one of the gross people clawing for last season’s designer fashions in the masses, caked in drugstore foundation and discount rack clothing. But Chloé had not come here for the clothes. Oh no, she had come to incite drama, as she was wont to do. Drama meant attention, and attention was what she craved. Slicking a copious amount of highly reflective lip gloss onto her Juvédermed lips, Chloé gave an eery smile, wondering what her next move would be.

(Chloé’s Dress: https://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/Giamb...

Chloé’s Heels: https://www.manoloblahnik.com/us/shop...

it all makes for a very OTT effect)

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Max | 41 comments Much to Theo's surprise, there was actually men's clothing at this event. He hadn't been sure that they were going to have anything for guys. It was a good thing they did because Theo was getting desperate for some clothing. His uniform was already holding itself together by its threads and it was in much better condition than any of his other clothing. Of course, the amount of clothing made for guys compared to girls was like a needle in a haystack, but luckily someone had been considerate to put what little male clothing they had in one corner of the room. Theo had nothing against wearing clothing that was originally made for girls (according to the ads.) But when it came down to pants and stuff... it just wasn't possible for a guy to wear clothing made for girls comfortably. Theo hated having to come here. He hated that he was going through people's old clothing because he couldn't get his own, but instead of looking embarrassed he strode in like he owned the place. There were a few people there already, including a very Glam Clan looking girl. He flashed her a predatory smile and a wink before disappearing behind a clothing rack.

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Chloé grimaced at the quite obvious scholarship boy who winked her. “Um, ew!” She scoffed, flipping open her bejeweled compact to inspect her freshly glossed lips. Pinching a metallic pair of Ralph and Russo Eden pumps between her index finger and thumb, Chloé inspected the shoes— they looked as if they had never been worn. Sighing, Chloé threw the heels into the teeming masses, hoping a scholarship student might have gotten pegged in the back of the head. Swishing her ostentatious gown to the side, Chloé enviously observed the Glam Clan standing above the masses on the podium, relaxedly observing their surroundings as though people regularly came into Evangeline Vanderbilt’s private quarters. It seemed no matter how hard she tried to rise above Evangeline Vanderbilt, she was always one step ahead and above of Chloé. But this year, she was determined to come out on top.

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Adjusting her Prabal Gurung dress, Evangeline surveyed her kingdom of scurrying underlings fetching as many clothing items that could humanly fit into their couture starved arms. “Claire,” she said, turning to the younger girl,” isn’t this fabulous? I can’t believe it was you who came up with the idea for it!” Sufficiently pleased by the publicity efforts and campaign the Glam Clan had put together over the past very stressful twenty four hours, Evangeline’s mood could possibly not be soured— that is, until she spotted the plastic surgery ridden face of Chloé Wadeford. A grimace curled at her lips and bile rose in her throat, but she forced both of them down, determined to look more than perfect, practically god like, in front of the populace. “Elisabeth! Chloé is here.” Evangeline whispered, albeit loudly. Wherever Chloé went, chaos ensued. The last thing Eva needed at this event was some trashy little American who was in an affair with drama and lip gloss.

(( lol i’m just sticking all my characters here))

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Max | 41 comments Theo wasn't going to give up that easily. He had been so busy with school work in the past few weeks that he hadn't been able to even think about flirting with anyone all week. He wasn't expecting anything to come of a relationship with a Glam Clan type girl, nor did he want any relationship in the first place, but he was just looking to have some fun. That was until someone threw a pair of one of the most revolting styles of shoe Theo had ever seen, right a his head. Luckily for him, there was a reason his house was Ace and it didn't take much to catch them. What interested him more was who might have thrown them, and if he remembered correctly, that girl he had winked at had been holding the exact same pair. Coming out from behind a clothing rack, he stood silently behind the girl for a moment before smirking and walking up to her.
"As much as I value the opinion of some lip-gloss princess, I don't think these are my size." He drawled, holding up the shoes with a raised eyebrow. He could see why this girl wouldn't want to talk to him, after all, she looked richer than the Queen of England (and 100 times prettier) and he looked like some alley cat someone had taken off the street.
"If you're going to throw things, at least try and hit someone instead of aimlessly tossing it around." He added.

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cosmic (erosful) | 136 comments

Rani (view spoiler)

Karina (view spoiler)

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Chloé dubiously observed Theo. “Excuse you?” She said angrily, stomping up to him and jabbing a long, hot pink acrylic nail in his face. “I’d think more carefully about your next words, scholarship boy!” She spat, positioning her Birkin in front of her as a shield. Backing away, she swiped a rack full of expensive Burberry scarves to the ground, scowling at some freshmen. “Get lost!” She commanded. Chloé was here to ruin Eva’s special day, and ruin it she would.

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Eliana walked into the entry hall, carrying her sketchbook. “Karina!” She said excitedly, walking over. Eliana was not into fashion, and was often mistaken as a scholarship student due to her lack of awareness about current trends. But Eliana was hereto sketch clothes, not take them. Her art teacher had told them to all go to the event and sketch one item of clothing for a grade. As Eliana stood by Karina, her eyes settled on an emerald green ballgown with a gorgeous neckline and pearl border around the hem of the skirt. Settling onto the marble floor, Eliana began an outline of the dress, sketching a vague form of the mannequin it was posed on. A small placard stated that Evangeline had worn the dress to some state dinner, but already several girls had their beady eyes set on the dress, so Eliana drew with vigor.

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cosmic (erosful) | 136 comments

Rani (view spoiler)

Karina (view spoiler)

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Evangeline observed the chaos now engulfing her event. This would not do. No, this would do at all. Eva kept a demure smile on her face as she seethed. How could Chloé even dare to ruin her event? The lower class girl simply couldn’t be satisfied with being a wart upon the otherwise perfect complexion of Vanderbilt, she had to ruin Evangeline’s personal life too. Headmistress Jindal hadn’t even expelled Chloé yet, much to Evangeline’s annoyance. It was a very rare occasion when she didn’t get her way, but the Headmistress simply wouldn’t listen to reason and expel Chloé. And then she spotted Rani— the girl was simply a vulture, perhaps no better than Chloé, always flocking to wherever there was drama to put it in her silly little gossip column. Eva steadied her nerves, her emerald drop earrings which she had so carefully picked out to match her eyes barely trembling as she regained her composure. Chloé would regret her behavior, but not now.

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Max | 41 comments Theo gave Chloe an amused look, like the look someone would growling puppy. She was trying her best to be intimidating, but when it came to the people like her, they mainly relied on reputation to keep other people in line. Of course, that whole system was destroyed when they came across someone like Theo who couldn't care less if they had their own crown when it came to being the "queen" of the school. He was a loner by all identifications, preferring to have a few close friends or just lurk in the shadows. Not that he didn't like people, in fact he loved people. Mostly because the majority of people were easily manipulated idiots and were fun to play around with.
"Aw, jealous that I was actually smart enough to get in here without the help of mommy and daddy's money?" He smirked at her and gave her a dismissive look when she told him to get lost.
"So, what's a princess like you doing here? Not getting clothes obviously." He asked her, giving her a skeptic look.

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Santi A (santialessio) | 80 comments Camari nervously entered the entrance hall with a faux smile plastered on her face. She was wearing a frilly lavender dress paired with a pair of black heeled boots. Looking around, two students appeared to already be enthralled in a battle of sorts. That was the type of thing that Camari simply lived for. She saw that it appeared to be between a less than well-off boy and a girl who looked absolutely pristine. She let out a giggle before gesturing to her cousin to bring in her donated clothes.

Phoenix let out a sigh as he walked into the entrance hall. In his hands he carried two heavy boxes filled with his cousin's clothing. None of it was ugly, but after subjecting him to two hours of sifting it was what she had determined to be expendable. He looked around in annoyance. "Does anyone know where I can put down this stuff?"

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Eliana still sat on the ground, sketching the dress with her artful eye as people swarmed around her. Turning back to look at Karina, she smiled. “Isn’t this dress gorgeous?” Eliana’s mother was always complaining that Eliana didn’t dress half as well as she should have, always wearing something splattered with paint or not expensive enough. But today she was wearing something to blend into the crowd, a nice compromise with her mother: a pair of black Gucci flats, gray tulle skirt, and a pink Theory button down shirt. It was a little frilly for Eliana’s taste, but she had to fit in with the others here.

Isadora picked out the most sane item of clothing she had seen so far: a sensible black and white striped cashmere sweater, with the tags still attached. The little tag declared that the sweater was from Alice + Olivia, and $250. That was more than Isadora would ever dream of spending on a sweater, but she assumed that $250 was on the low end for the Glam Clan. Holding the sweater delicately, she continued to make her way through the large expanse of clothing, avoiding Chloé and the area nearby.

Chloé felt the urge to smack Theo strongly, and did so, raising her hand to give him a large smack across the face. The boy was being so rude. “Um, rude!” She snapped, examining her manicure. “Don’t you know when you’re speaking to someone more important than you?” Chloé’s voice had a strong Valley Girl accent come out. “Ew my god, I’m like, so done with you!” She declared, turning on her heel to cause more of a mess for Evangeline.

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cosmic (erosful) | 136 comments

((yeah, characters can be in more than one place at a time))

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Evangeline looked at the girl entering the hall, smothering a smile with her hand over her mouth. The girl, in her opinion, looked absolutely ridiculous. She let out a hushed giggle. Perhaps the girl was some delusional perso who thought she could challenge Evangeline's social superiority-- ha! Pulling her hand away from her mouth, Eva turned to look at the rest of the Glam Clan.

Chloé observed the girl wearing the tiara entering the room. Even Evangeline Vanderbilt, priss supreme, didn’t wear a tiara around the academy. Adjusting the huge Prada sunglasses placed precariously placed on top of her bottle blonde hair, Chloé wondered if the girl would join a clique.

(( lily, this rp uses third person past to rp))

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Eva frowned at the girl standing on her podium. The podium was accessed by a staircase, so how had she slipped past her security guard at the bottom? “I know.” Eva replied a tad arrogantly. “They’re the finest Colombian emeralds, a royal family heirloom.” Eva had mentioned that they were a royal heirloom in order to passive aggressively hint that Evangeline was in fact much too important to be approached for silly talk. “Are you are aware of the fact that you are standing on the Glam Clan’s private platform?” Eva questioned in a cloying tone. She couldn’t stand having someone common breathe the same air as her, much less stand within her vicinity.

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“Lunea. Never heard of it.” Now Evangeline was 100% positive this girl was a fraud. “As you may know, I have plenty of diplomatic experience and have never heard of a country or principality named Lunea.” Frankly, this girl was making Eva feel unsettled. However, her guard was still nearby, thank goodness. And Junora! What a ridiculous name. Maintaining her poise, one of the things she prided herself most on, Evangeline managed to give Junora a tight smile.

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A bit flummoxed, Eva made a move to assert her position on the matter. “You must be delusional.” She decided firmly, waving over her body guard. “I can’t have those sorts of people near me.” In fact, Evangeline planned to inform the headmistress immediately of the danger that this newcomer posed to the reputation of the academy. “You are a lunatic in a tiara, ruining a charity event for the unfortunate.” Eva stated forcefully, her tight smile still on her face as she spoke through her teeth.

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“Princess?” Evangeline sneered. “You, Juneberry,” Eva began, deliberately misstating her name,” are nothing but a delusional fraud.” Monaco was the country with the highest GDP per capita, and she couldn’t stand to hear someone of such lower class practically begging to be her companion, when Evangeline was so incredibly important compared to everybody else. Turning her head away from Junora, Eva observed the melee of scholarship students scrabbling for clothes below.

(( not really sure how that would work? like they claim their island that they bought is a country but it’s not recognized by any world organizations ))

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(( sure ! ))

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Relieved, Eva let out a small sigh of relief at the sight of Junora's turned back. "Commoners." She sniffed, looking at Junora. Evangeline was safe and secure at Vanderbilt-- her position and social status unchallenged. The last thing she needed was a deranged psychopath ruining it all.

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Isadora gasped when she saw a girl enter- was that really Diana Fontaine? Isadora squealed a bit, it really was her! Diana Fontaine had come to Hong Kong once, but the tickets were too expensive for Isa. Mustering all her courage, Isadora walked over to greet Diana.

(( sorry it’s short, i’m a little busy rn ))

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(( also, this is the gc donating out of season clothes to students, not shopping for rich kids hahah ))

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Isadora struggled to catch her breath as Diana Fontaine of all people greeted her. Her step-sisters would be green with envy once they found out that Diana Fontaine went to Vanderbilt and Isadora had not only seem, but talked to her! “Uh,” Isadora managed to get out, mentally kicking herself, and struggling to not stutter. “Are you really D-Diana Fontaine?” She asked, a bit awe struck by the singing maven standing in front of her. Diana Fontaine made Isadora’s little heart skip a beat— Diana was so gorgeous, and such an amazing singer too.

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(( isadora is in diamond ))

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Xinyi didn't really need more clothing; a number of twitter followers would have easily attested to that. What he had intended to do was browse, look through things as a means of passing the time. There would likely be nothing here for him, but it didn't mean he wouldn't still look. Perhaps he could find inspiration for a line idea that he could send back home. Or maybe he could get something and do a giveaway. That sounded like a good idea. Armed with his phone to take pictures of potential giveaway items, he strolled through the racks with a look of concentration. His brown hair was held from his eyes with a sweatband, pushed up a little higher than usual. Taking a blouse from one rack, he held it out in front of him before removing his phone from his tracksuit jacket pocket to take a picture.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 340 comments ( how famous? her reach isn't really noted in profile. xinyi's a heir to a big name company that's known global, but he's mostly known for being a major fan of the entertainment industry )

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(( different houses do not share dorms & she probably wouldn’t care / know diana ))

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Mustering all her courage, Isadora spoke in a confident manner. “Isadora Sinclair.” She replied, shaking Diana’s hand. “I’m, uh, from Hong Kong.” She added as an after note, wondering if Diana remembered performing in Hong Kong a few months ago. But then something else caught Isadora’s eye: was that really Wang Xinyi, the fanboy extrordinaire?! Isadora had heard he was attending Vanderbilt, and had wondered if they would be friends. Probably not, she reminded herself, as he was ridiculously wealthy.

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cosmic (erosful) | 136 comments

Karina nodded eagerly in response. The dress was absolutely gorgeous, and the two of them were clearly not the only ones that believed so. Already, a group of girls were swarming the dress, threatening to rip it from Karina's hands. However, she wanted to stall the time so that Eliana could finish her sketch of it. Once again trailing her fingers over the material, she looked around the room. Evangeline was currently in an encounter with what appeared to be another princess — probably having a princess-showdown — and a tall brunette was circling around the room with an entourage of bodyguards. God, were bodyguards really necessary at a fashion event? Karina would never understand.


Already, so much was going on for Rani to jot details down of. Evangeline had a nasty spat with a rumored 'fraud princess', Diana Fontaine had just arrived to the event, and Chloe was wreaking havoc around the room. Oh, how wonderful! As soon as she had all of her details down, she put her notepad away, then began to walk around the room. There were times when she only ever appeared to be a leaching journalist, but Rani very much enjoyed an opportunity to shop, and for free. Her stormy brown eyes raked over each clothing rack, sometimes making snide comments towards Evangeline's fashion taste, but nonetheless picking up an article or two and draping it on her arm to take back to her dorm.

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Eliana smiled at Karina’s display of friendship as she prevented other girls from swarming the dress so she could finish her drawing. “Decent.” She announced, tucking her sketchbook back into her purse. She saw a random girl wearing a tiara with tears streaming down her face, exiting the Glam Clan’s platform. Poor girl, she probably didn’t have enough time to figure out the Vanderbilt social hierarchy and had just been humiliated by Evangeline and her minions. Eliana saw nothing she would wear, but decided she would help Karina. “Can I hold anything for you?” She asked kindly, weaving through the racks.

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Isadora was a bit sad her encounter with Diana had been disappointingly short, but it was better than nothing. Still holding the cashmere sweater, she perused through the racks, pausing to observe a beautiful silk blouse with a large black bow. The little tag indicated the blouse was by Diane von Furstenburg had been Clarice’s, who was a freshman like Isadora. Unlike Isadora however, Clarice was wildly rich and more popular than Isa could ever dream of. Now holding the blouse and sweater, Isadora walked over to see if the shoe section had anything besides high heels. Her Converse were looking a little weary, but she doubted that anybody in the Glam Clan would touch Converse, even with a ten foot pole.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 340 comments ( i'm confused; is diana still talking to xinyi or? )

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( i think so? )

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(( lily, aim for two to three sentences per post pls ))

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