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Synopsis: A page-turning debut in the tradition of "The Marlowe Papers" by Ros Barber, the historical fiction novel "Blood and Ink" tells the story of Christopher "Kit" Marlowe, the dark and brooding playwright of Queen Elizabeth's court. Marlowe sells his soul to gain the one thing he desires: to see his name immortalized. Inspired at an early age on the banks of the Stour River, his passion for a goose quill and ink thrusts him into the labyrinth of England's underworld - a secret spy ring created by the Queen's spymaster, Sir Frances Walsingham. He suffers the whips and scorns of time as he witnesses the massacre of Paris, the hypocrisy of the church, the rejection from his 'dark lady,' the theft of his identity as a playwright, and wrenching loss breathing life into many of his unforgettable characters. As he sinks further into the clutches of Walsingham, a masque is written by his own hand to save his life from shadowing betrayers, from the Queen's own Star Chamber, and from the Jesuit assassins of Rome, thus sending him into exile and allowing an unknown actor from Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare, to step into his shoes. And so begins the lie; and yet, what will a man not do to regain his name? Steve Donoghue of the Historical Novel Society Review says: "Marley has sifted through a phenomenal amount of research, but along the way she hasn’t forgotten to tell a first-rate and gripping story, adorned in many places by some very pretty turns of phrase. We may never have a final resolution to the tangled questions Marley raises, but as long as we get such strong and enjoyable novels as this one out of the tangle, we shouldn’t complain." Read the entire review at https://historicalnovelsociety.org/re...

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Edward wrote: "will add to my want to read shelf"

Just posted a giveaway contest on my blog! If you are interested, you can scroll down to the bottom of my author's page and click on the blog post for the "Giveaway Contest for Historical Fiction Fans!" or visit my FB page. Thanks!

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Stephen Taylor (stephentaylor) | 5 comments Hi Guys.

I am giving a free giveaway of the Kindle eBook of my novel A Canopy of Stars. It will run for 5 days from 1st May to 5th May 2018. Just log onto Amazon and call up A Canopy of Stars by Stephen Taylor. If you take up the offer a review is optional, of course. If you decide to write an honest review at Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere else, I would be very grateful for your time and consideration. Thank you.

The year is 1823, and at the Old Bailey a young man, David Neander stands in the dock on trial for his life. His crime? The theft of half a sheep’s carcass worth a mere 40 shillings. The system is stacked against him for while he is an educated man, he is a Jewish immigrant and speaks little English, is seen as just another piece of London’s low life jetsam to be despatched to the hangman with little ceremony and no one to mourn him.
A Canopy of Stars by Stephen Taylor Yet by chance, in the gallery that day Julia Carmichael, the young, talented daughter of a celebrated lawyer, witnesses his plight. She observes the injustice being inflicted on the accused by an incompetent, prejudiced judge and sees in David Neander what others have failed to see. Determined to help him she delves into his past and uncovers the remarkable journey he has been forced to endure, the privations he has had to overcome and the stinging irony of his being accused of a theft he did not commit. But can she and her father prove his innocence or must they watch him hang.

A Georgian courtroom drama and an adventure story; an unlikely romance and the story of two lives that are changed forever.

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