Half Girlfriend Half Girlfriend question

What do you think it is romantic book r not????

If you ever felt for someone and it was one sided so you will easily realte with the character. You will live each and every moment of his feelings, struggles and finally how he gets love of his life..its not typical romantic book but ya its a love story.

it feels the sympathetic romantic during last pages..... but kisses are weighted as much Riya had.....

In the point of view love and romance the plots are bit shallow but its good

Years ago when I waited and craved to get the book, and once I bought this.... I started reading with lots of expectation and excitement which tripped and fell amidst the pages to something like a readymade movie script (At that time it was not even announced as a movie). Cliches to cliches. Nothing anew to offer. The book failed for me big time. I really liked '5 point Someone' which i read in my youth and enjoyed '2 States' to an extent too.

Its the only readable book by Chetan Bhagat
Still can only get 3 at best
Others are just really shitty

Its nice.....
Okay okay types

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