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Eric Li | 212 comments Mod
Now that you have finished the book, put anything you want to say here.

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Eric Li | 212 comments Mod
Burn through 200 pages in a weekend and finished the book.
It is a strong 4/4.5 for me.
The author executes the "old man" concept pretty well. I was half concerned when the characters switch to younger bodies: is it still going to be an *old* man's war? Turn out it is. The author emphasizes a lot on how 75 years of human memory makes one more human.
You can see this more clearly when he introduces the ghost brigade as a comparison, which is almost a bunch of teenagers hooked to snapchat and emojis from an old man's point of view. The youngers have more energy and technology yet have less to hold on to.
What I have to nitpick about is that the author's view towards human and war also seems "old". I don't really mind that we jump lightyears of distance only to fight aliens with WWII tactics. What really annoyed me is that user seems to have briefly touched a lot of serious issues about war and then just swept them under the rug (colonialism? everyone else is doing it! PTSD? just shake it off man! child soldier? well technically they are not children). The author seems to be indicating that regardless of technological progress, the human is always human, and war will always be the same war. Which is kinda disappointing.
Don't get me wrong, this is a very well written story, and I appreciate that there is a Hollywood movie style ending to form a complete and satisfying story (with a snippet of vol.2 at the end of the book, almost like a bonus scene). I think it fulfilled my expectation. It hurts me for not being able to rate it higher, but all in all, a very impressive way to kick off our book club!

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