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Tana (tana_t) | 14676 comments Mod
The Wayward Wife by David S. Fisher David S. Fisher

Title: The Wayward Wife
Author: Dale Stevens
Genre: Psychological Drama
Formats Available: Mobi, Epub & Pdf
Time Frame: 4 to 6 Weeks


A finely spun, psychological mystery thriller full of deceit, drama and wry humour, this story centres around Margot Rowlands, a restless, married woman whose obsessive affair with a younger man turns out to be more than she bargained for when her lover dies under mysterious circumstances.

A secret woman by nature and a talented amateur actress, Margot successfully avoids becoming a suspect in a murder scenario which the police are developing. But the more intricate the web of lies and cover-ups she weaves to prove her innocence and the more she draws on her acting skills, the more she unsuspectingly directs attention to her secret life, alienating husband and daughter as their suspicions grow.

The case against her is not conclusive, but her distant past – purposely hidden from friends and family – comes to light in the investigation and weighs heavily against her. In court, she fights with the weapons of a desperate woman and edges her trial to a surprising conclusion.

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Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments


Vicky Forte | 5 comments Vicky Forte,, PDF

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sent in your requests Tony and Vicky

David Fisher | 28 comments Tony wrote: "


File sent. Thanx.

Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments my computer crashed could U send me another PDF

David Fisher | 28 comments Tony wrote: "my computer crashed could U send me another PDF"

Sent. Thanks for your interest, Tony.

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