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Hannah | 56 comments Mod
This is just a place to introduce yourself and meet some new people so I'll start
Hi my name is Hannah I'm 15 and I live in Oklahoma I love all fantasy and science fiction and I like to bake

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I am Courtney and I'm 13 and I live in Southern Utah. I love fantasy, science fiction, fiction, dystopian, and many others. I also play viola and love to sing.

Ren The Booknerd  (renthebooknerd) | 1 comments Wow, I suddenly feel so old. I'm Ren, by the way, I'm 21. I'm from the Philippines. I like romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and greek mythology. I also read manga, and I like music, but I hate K-pop, please don't hate me.

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Hannah | 56 comments Mod
I was doing this at like 9 in the morning so I guess there is a time difference

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Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

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Your welcome. It's a really good book.

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