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message 1: by W.W. (new)

W.W. Brock | 8 comments Title Severed Innocence

* Author(s) name(s): W.W. Brock

* ISBN (or ASIN): 978-0-9978186-7-3

* Publisher: Purple Sage Entertainment

* Publication date: 2017

* Format: eBook

* Description: Thriller, Action/Adventure
The traumatic stress of several years on the run has finally come to a head for Michael and Hanna Tucker when word comes in the middle of the night that Uncle Henry has been kidnapped, and they have minutes to pack a bag and leave their home, possibly for good. This would be stressful enough for just the two of them, but now there is three year old Emily and her new baby brother, Michael Junior to consider. Time is running out as they flee to a safe house with old friends and wait for word on the location of Henry Albright, who they fear is dead. With her nerves on edge, Hanna is faced with the stark reality that life may never return to normal.

* Page count 232


message 2: by Hugo (last edited Apr 25, 2018 10:10AM) (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 732 comments Hi, W.W.

Looks like these books - and others - may be in the system, but under W W (not W.W., which would link them to your profile).

Working on this (and W.W.'s similar post -

Done. All books corrected and Combined to your Profile -

(Probably some Covers and details to be added, but I need to have dinner. I'll come back to this later if no other Librarians take a crack at it in the meantime.)

message 3: by W.W. (new)

W.W. Brock | 8 comments Thanks Hugo! I appreciate the effort.

message 4: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments I corrected the author name on a few more editions and added a cover it two.

message 5: by Hugo (last edited Apr 25, 2018 04:28PM) (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 732 comments Z-squared wrote: "I corrected the author name on a few more editions and added a cover it two."

Cheers, Z.

A couple more covers added from, and Michael Tucker series created -

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