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Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments okayyyy XD
here it is.

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Thanks :)

So what kind of rps do you like to do? :)

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments :) np.

well like i said, i do pretty much anything XD if you have ideas just fire away and if not we could try to come up with something :D

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Hmmmmm o.o What's something you haven't done in a while? I can't think of something right now xP

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments ummmm, well i havent really done any, like, fairy tale related ones or anything too far into the past. Most are future RP's. idk. what kind of roleplays do you like to do? ^_^

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I do realistic so I mainly do forbiddens, arranged marriage, things like that :)

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments Oh :)
well do you wanna do smthng like that or try something different. I'm just asking in case i misunderstood XP

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We can do whichever :) Hmmm we can do something like that if you want haha

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments haha, ok. i guess we could :)
so whats the plot??? O.O

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments should it be an arranged marriage in medieval times but...ah crapppp...something happens, lol. see how creative i am. hehe.

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Hmm that sounds good :) Maybe what could happen is that the guy is a player and so he constantly has girls over behind her back and one day she comes home to him and idk where I'm going with this :)

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments lol. yeah. So he is either a lord or a prince soon to be king and she is arranged to marry him. She falls head over heels for him, but since he has so much power he is constantly cheating on her and then she finds out and $hit goes down. loool. XD

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Sorry, was looking for a new job

Haha that sounds good xD Even if we don't remember this later on we'll come up with other ideas :)

Do you want to be the guy or the girl?

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments oh. haha, good luck i guess :)

yeah. definitely. i dont mind, i can do both. I guess girl maybe XD

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Haha thanks xD

Okay then :) Should he be in his 20s and then she's in her late teens?

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments XD

sorry for the late reply went to the mall yesterday :)
yeah. That sounds good. hes like 22 and she is maybe 19. I was wondering if we could do doubles. We dont have to make a template for them or anything. but it might be more interesting :P

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Haha it's fine ^-^

Yeah, that sounds fine :) Maybe we could just do a brief little outline. That way we can come back to it just in case

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments heyyyy :) sorry for not being on. So, I was thinking, and i know this is sort of random, but if we could maybe just do a normal life high school rp or something? Again, sorry for not being on XD

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Haah it's fine. Yeah, that sounds good :)

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments :) ok, great. Ugh. I know I keep apologizing but I think I will be on more when school starts. Things will be less hectic. So, I don't really care what gender I am, I actually like playing guys, but you choose :D and do you wanna do it with a template or what? XP

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I'm usually the guy haha. We can do a mxm if you like? Or I can be the girl if you want haha

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments :D well if im totally honest i've never done an MxM, so that is actually a cool idea. lol. So, we need just a little bit more of a plot.

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Okay, well what would you want to do? The cliché popular/unpopular, rich/poor, etc?

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments ooh. Um... how about if one popular guy whos had dated a bunch of girls and is known for being a player gets assigned a project with a shy unpopular kid. and then blah blah blah. you get the drift.

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That sounds good :) Do you want to be popular or unpopular?

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Haha okay then

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments so which one do you want?

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Awesome sauce, it's still here :3

I'll be the unpopular if you want?

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments haha. Ok :) I don't mind. haha. So do you wanna make templates or no?

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We don't have to. Maybe just establish their ages

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments k, so his name is Shane and he is 17 years of age lol.

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Dylan and mm 17 as well

You wanna start first or me?

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At school or random meeting? :)

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments haha, sorry! Didn't see this :)

uhhhhhhhhh, at school?

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It's fine :)

Dylan sat against his locker and read a book. Everybody was ignoring him as usual so he was able to read his book in peace. After a bit he put the book in his locker and made his way to his first class

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments Shane was standing talking with his group. He had been flirting with a few girls but they were all boring and he was annoyed. He laughed at something some girl said then the bell rang. He nodded and walked with a few of his friends to first period. Once he got there, he slumped in his chair and snickered at the teacher. Mrs.., Mrs. Hendricks? He had given up at trying to remember such things.

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Getting to the class early he looked around and took a seat in the back corner by the window. Pulling out a notebook and pen he colored the corners of his paper in. When he noticed someone else walk into the classroom he looked up and watched them for a second. Hearing the guy snicker he looked up at him again then at the door and other filed inside and took their seats

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments The first period tardy bell rang and Shane turned his head to the front of the class. He recognized most of the kids in this class. There were a few losers he didn't know, but all in all, he felt pretty comfortable. The teacher started blabbing and he just tuned her out, laughing occasionally at one of the guys' jokes. He was looking at his shoes when he heard his name. He looked up. Mrs. Whoever She Was was staring at him with her arms crossed. "Excuse me. Are you even paying attention young man?" he snorted. "Well maybe if your lectures weren't so boring, I would actually want to listen to your annoying voice. But, by all means, continue." he lowered his head. Half the class was laughing. He was surprised Mrs. Death Stare wasn't giving him detention or sending him to the principle. He shrugged and looked up. "Well, Mr. Holden, I was saying that we have a project coming up. Its worth half of your grade this quarter and you would do well to listen to my lecture, because its what is going to keep you from failing." she turned away and continued explaining about the project. You had to get to know someone in the class in the time period of two weeks and then give an oral and visual presentation on them.

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Dylan looked over at the scene unfolding in front of the class. Shaking his head he sighed a little as he listened to the rant. Taking a sheet of paper he started to fold and unfold it in an attempt to ignore the teacher and the guy. His head snapped up when Mrs. Hendricks said they would be getting to know someone else and talking about them. Biting his lip he looked around the class, wondering who his partner was going to be. In his head he hoped that he wouldn't be paired up with the guy. He didn't even know the guys name and already he wasn't interested in him in any way. With a sigh he sat back in his seat and watched the teacher as she went on with the project. Mrs. Hendricks started with the attendance list and then ran through her list, pairing up each student so that they didn't pair up with their friends. "Mr. Holden, you'll be paired up with Mr . Perry." When she said that Dylan grumbled a little to himself, but not enough for others to hear. He slumped in his seat and sighed, wanting the class to end

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments Shane looked around when he heard who his partner was going to be. It was a dude. He had been hoping for a hot chick, but of course this teacher would crap on his head. He had no idea who the hell Mr.Perry was. The teacher told them to go and pair up with their partners. Shane shrugged. Whoever it was, he already knew who Shane was. Shane turned his head. He scanned the class and saw a guy sitting in the back. He looked like an emo loser. Of course, as fate had it, this was Mr.Perry. Not that Shane knew that, but Mrs. Hendricks informed him with a glint in her eyes. He rolled his eyes and stood up. He walked over to the dude's desk. "Sup? Are you Mr. Perry?" he stretched his arms and yawned.

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments ((does Dylan already know he's gay? lol. sorry had to ask))

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Dylan was staring out the window when Shane came over. He didn't notice him until he started to speak. "No. I'm Mr. Holden." There was a slight chance that the guy knew he wasn't being serious, but figured he wouldn't. "Just Dylan." Turning his head towards the teachee, he noticed she was watcjing them before she looked away. "So, tell me some things about you I guess." There was still a bit left of the class and he thought that if they started that it would make time fly and they could just use what they told each other


Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments Shane rolled his eyes. Who did this guy think he was? He sat down in the seat next to Dylan and opened his mouth. "Okay. How old are you?"

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Dylan shook his head and sighed. It was going to be just as bad as he thought it would. "Seventeen. What about you?" He looked over at him and moved so he could face him

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 53 comments "same. What do your parents do blah blah blah blah." Shane couldn't see the point to this project. It was ridiculous. As if anyone actually gave a shit about who did what for their eighth birthday party. It was just a charade of people acting like the fake idiots they were. Nonetheless, he wanted to pass high school so Shane decided to just go with it this once. "Do you have any pets?" he asked.

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"My parents died. I live with my grandpa. He's an accountant. What about yours?" Dylan messed with the paper again as he talked. "No. I'm not allowed to since my grandpa is allergic. Do you have any pets? What do you like to do for fun? Like hobby wise?"

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