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Kiersten Fay (kierstenfay) | 508 comments Mod
Are you writing a novel with demons in it? Are they good or bad? What sort of powers do they have. What is unique about your demons?

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Kiersten Fay (kierstenfay) | 508 comments Mod
is there anything special about your demons?

message 3: by Maria (new)

Maria Giakoumatos | 1 comments I am! :) The main two are Lysander and Persephone, and they are siblings. Lysander is technically "bad" since he is the main antagonist of the story, but he believes taking human souls is good since it gives his father (Satan) power. Persephone, on the other hand, loves humans and wants to find other ways to help her father gain power without hurting anyone. She refuses to use dark magic to control people/take souls and instead preaches kindness, love, and acceptance.

Do you have a story with demons? :)

message 4: by J.F. (new)

J.F. Holland (jfholland) | 55 comments Kiersten wrote: "Are you writing a novel with demons in it? Are they good or bad? What sort of powers do they have. What is unique about your demons?"

In one of my serials, I have a fallen angel. Once fallen - although technically still an angel - he's demoted to rank of Dream Demon... meaning he's earth bound.

His job is to watch over humans from the fae realm, which is hidden from the human world. He's to protect them from nightmares, but at the beginning - due to an issue with a witch - he didn't look much as he should.

I have more demons coming into the serial as it splits off and we enter the fae realm, there you also have the lower realm, not for the fainthearted... basically hell.

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R.S. Merritt | 29 comments A demon's just a sentient being from another dimension.

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Gareth Mottram (garethmottram) | 9 comments My demons are more your "The Exorcist" type - summoned by a cult and possessing people. They give their hosts strength and regenerative powers but burn them up from the inside so need flesh and blood to keep the body going. Not v. nice creatures really but the humans who summon them are arguably the most evil. Luckily there are the good guys...

message 7: by David (new)

David Craig | 7 comments The demons in my novel are Lucifer's faction in his war against Michael in Heaven (100 million). That faction lost and were sent to Hell. The demons' only respite from Hell is being Summonded by a Demon summoner, where they inhabit a human, displacing that soul. So there are no exorcisms in my novel, save killing the human host.

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M.F. Hopkins | 19 comments Along with the angels, I also write about demons, like Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Satan (who were all fallen angels, by the way).
I base them all on the accepted myths, then add my own kooky twists.
Writing is so much fun!

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