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Kiersten Fay (kierstenfay) | 509 comments Mod
Do you have a novel with vampires? Are they good or bad? Hero or villain? What's different about your vampires?

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Kiersten Fay (kierstenfay) | 509 comments Mod
Is there anything special about your vampire world?

message 3: by J.F. (last edited Apr 25, 2018 09:36AM) (new)

J.F. Holland (jfholland) | 55 comments My PNR serial is set in a fictitious British Countryside Village, lots of immortals live there. I've also used Crop circles as an immortal calling card to let others know more of their kind live there. As for my vampires, they aren't soulless or dead. I went down the evolution route for mine, including shifters. I also included a part of the anatomy that helps them excrete oxytocin with their bite to calm their hosts.

message 4: by Travis (new)

Travis Luedke (twluedke) | 21 comments Awesome chat subject!

As a reader, I love most forms of vamps in fiction. I'm a sanguinista, a vampire connoisseur.

What I chose for The Nightlife Series was a particular style of vamp that isn't exactly traditional, but touches on many of the legends and myths popularized in old school vamp fiction.

I like vamps that are vicious, predators, seducers, deadly, but still very human, with all those wondrous human flaws and passions.

In book one, The Nightlife New York, we meet Michelle, a solitary succubus slinking through the night in her shimmery black cocktail dress and f*%k me pumps, hunting for her next meal. She introduces us to vampire Nightlife and explains all the intricacies .

Sunlight--no go. Instaburn. Extreme sunlight sensitivity. Day time is sleepy time. There is no functioning in the daylight hours. Vamps are essentially comatose, with biorhythms so depressed they are seemingly dead (but not). Hence the undead rumors and propaganda. Easy mistake to make if you happen to run across a pale sleeper in the daylight hours.

Fangs - yes, only when they are hungry. These razor sharp babies are well hidden.

Claws - yes, only when hunting or threatened. Again, razor sharp and well hidden.

Now to the fun part: vamps don't have to kill their prey, nor do they infect them with the bite, but feeding is sooo much fun. Vamp venom is the strongest narcotic in nature... Orgasm combined with a hit of crack and a shot of heroin.

To avoid creating an army of addicts, vamps hit it and quit it. Quick 30-60 seconds feeding, and move on to new prey. Multiple bites is a virtual guaranteed addiction - bloodslave.

The bloodslave condition is physical-psychological addiction, and a psychic bond to the vamp. Bloodslaves need to be bitten multiple times a night to stave off the intense cravings. But there are fringe benefits... over time, if the bloodslave survives that long. Increased strength and stamina. Heightened immunities. Rapid blood loss recovery. The bloodslave becomes a more perfect servant for their vamp with long-term exposure to vampires venom. They will not turn.

The only way to turn a person, is to ingest vampires blood (or inject). Turning is extremely painful, every cell in your body lit on fire. Some do not survive the process. Either your body accepts the virus and its physiological DNA rewrite, or you die.

Vamps are very much alive, just like any other creature. And they can be killed, much like any other creature. But they are tough, nasty bastards in a fight, and they recover in minutes or hours from wounds that would kill anyone else.

Aging -- like dog years in reverse. Vamps age about 1 year every 50-100 years.

Evil, soulless, spawns of satan? No more than any politician in office. LOL. Vamps are simply predators, and all the vicious animalistic behaviors that come with their hunting instincts. We are food, and playthings to be owned. Vamps are the apex predator of apex predators.


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Kiersten Fay (kierstenfay) | 509 comments Mod
J.F. wrote: "I've also used Crop circles as an immortal calling card to..."

Crop circle? This a unique angle. Never heard that one before. :)

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J.F. Holland (jfholland) | 55 comments I've also used the crop circle as the mark which they carry to show they're mated. Each fated mate will carry half of a whole one on their opposite palms. Once they face each other hand to hand, the circle is complete.

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