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The Taste of Salt
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Break the Ice – Introduce Yourself (Spring 2018)

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Welcome to the Online Book Club! We're excited to have you join us for our Spring 2018 discussions on The Taste of Salt, as well as our live Q&A event with the author Martha Southgate. Take a moment to introduce yourself!

-Grad year (class of...)
-Have you ever participated in an Online Book Club discussion before?
If yes - any tips for newcomers?
If no - any questions? What are you most looking forward to?
-Anything else you'd like to share!

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Renée Penny (penny_renee) | 4 comments Hello everyone,

My name is Renée and I recently graduated with my Bachelors degree in Business Management this past winter semester. I have been a student of both online and on site classes. However, I prefer to have mixed classes.
This is my second participation in the Online Book Club and I quite enjoy it. I’ve always wanted to find a way to read more and this gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that. My advice would be to read the book as often as you can. On the train, during your class breaks or even while lounging at home.


Yarissa Williams (yrod1012) | 1 comments Hello,

My name is Yarissa Wiliams. I am a professor in the Health Services Administration. I have participated in the online book club in previous semesters. I am teaching a Behavioral Health course this Spring and hope to incorporate this book into the course.

Phyllis-Impraim | 2 comments Good Evening Ladies And Gentleman,

My name is Phyllis Agyirba Impraim. I attend class at the Newark Campus. My major is Business Management and my expected year to graduate will be Spring 2019 and I will be receiving my associate's degree. I have not participated in an online book talk before and I am really excited to read the book. I also run a club here at Berkeley College at the Newark Campus called PAN AFRICAN STUDENT CLUB. Its a brand new club that started on January 25th 2018. Please feel free to give me any suggestions for great activities for students to all enjoy. The mission of the club is " Movement to share cultures and unify Africans and people of African descendants. I am always inviting guests speakers so if you anyone is also interested please let me know via email.

Thank You ,

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Adrianna | 2 comments Hello,
My name is Adrianna Young.I am currently a student at Berkeley's Newark campus . I am the president of the business club.I am looking forward to reading this book

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Karla | 2 comments Hello ,
My name is Karla Amariles. I’m currently a student in the Woodbridge campus & the Newark campus. My major is criminal justice. I’m planning to graduate in 2019 with my associates degree, but I’m not planning to stop there! I’m striving for my Bachelor degree and hopefully one day my Masters. I’ve never been a member in any club, so I’m very excited what this book club can show me. I’m very eager to read books and let my imagination go wild !

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Silva (andrews06) | 5 comments Hello everyone,
My name is Silva Andrews and I am currently a student at Berkeley's online campus. I'm planning to graduate in 2020. I have participated in past book club discussions and I find it very interesting to see everyone's different point of views on the same book. I'm looking forward to reading this book and all of the discussions we will have about it.

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Melanie (lovelymelc) | 12 comments Hello everyone ! My name is Melanie and I am a fashion merchandising and management major; I will be graduating next Spring of 2019! I haven't been pet of any book club before which makes me very excited to be part of an online book club that is so convenient. I want to expand my reading I thought joining the online book club will be a great idea. I hope everyone has a great semester!

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Jason Barker | 1 comments Hello Everyone,

My name is Jason and I'm a junior in the NY campus, working on my bachelors degree in Information Technology Management. I've never joined a book club before but I LOVE to write! Anything: song lyrics, poems, blogs, I once started a book but didn't finish :(. I am interested in learning how perspectives differ from the same reading material in order to gauge what readers are most interested in when choosing a book to read.

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Sanela | 10 comments Hello my name is Sanela D. My major is financial services and I will be graduating with my Associates in Winter 2018. I will continue step at a time. I’ve participated in the book club last semester and love it. I really like it because it motivates you to read more. Plus you meet new people and get see their different views. Tips is say what you want there is no judgement in this book club. Express any emotions you got from Reading the book.


Khali Raymond | 15 comments Hello. My name is Khali Raymond. I attend the Newark campus and am currently majoring in Business Administration, seeking to graduate with my associates degree in 2020. I was in the last few book discussions, as they were engaging. I look froward to discussing this book with you all throughout the semester.

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Stephon Valentino' (StephonValentino) | 1 comments Hello, my name is Stephenie Ellis but I prefer to be called Stephon Valentino'.
I attend Berkeley College Newark Campus, I'm a Criminal Justice Major, and I'm attending this campus for my Bachelors Degree. I should be done with my major by Fall of next year, which means I'll be graduating in 2020. I've never been in an online book club before. I look forward to meeting new people and also learning about the book we will be reading.
I heard about this opportunity from my school email, and I was interested from the start. - SV

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Tashawna Bryant | 4 comments Hello Everyone,

My name is Tashawna. I am an online student here at Berkeley since Winter 2018 semester, majoring in Financial services and I am on the road to a Bachelors Degree, class of 2020. I have participated in the online book club during my last semester and I have found the selection good so far. I would offer a new comer to read the selection while in discussion with the other members, I feel like you get more from the reading that way. I also say that making reading a part of your assignments helps to get through the reading faster. Read during your breaks in between study. This semester im looking forward to a new read.

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Maria | 2 comments My name is Maria And I am from the NYC campus about to get my degree in Health Management. I will be walking this May and will receive my diploma in August 2018. I have participate in online books club during my last semester and I have found it to be educational aside from meeting other students as well. I am looking forward to reading something new before I complete Berkeley.

Natalia (hotkiss0707) My name is Natalia and I'm a part of the Woodland Park campus. I'm majoring in Nursing and should graduate next year 2019. I've never participated in an online book club, but I am a part of a local book club and I really enjoy it. I'm looking forward to participating in a new group and being exposed to other reading material.

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ANJELENE CRUZ (anjelenec) | 6 comments My name is Anjelene Cruz and I am apart of Berkeley College online I used to attend the campuses within New Jersey and New York City as well. I am earning my degree in Criminal Justice, I will be receiving my degree within the next few months and I am super excited! I have participated in the online book club since 2017 and I have found it to be amazingly awesome and interesting. My favorite book by far has to be, "The Death Class", amazing book and I recommend it to anyone who missed last semester! I am looking forward to reading something new!

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Nicole (nicolerincon) | 1 comments My name is Nicole Rincón. I attend Berkeley Online. I am pursuing a Bachelor's in Paralegal Studies. This is my first book club ever and I am really excited. I love reading, especially when it is something I have never read before. I am also looking forward to getting to know new people.

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Chanele | 2 comments My name is Chanele Stockling. I attend Berkeley College Online and I a pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies. I have participated in an online book club before and I find it to be very interesting. I am looking forward to reading "The Taste of Salt" and engaging with all of you in the near future.

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Nefertari Galeta | 6 comments Hi Everyone!

I'm so excited for this semester's book club. My name is Nefertari, I am a Marketing Communications major and set to complete my undergrad in 2020. This is my second time participating in the book club. I think the tip I would have for anyone who has joined is to be yourself and give us your account of what you thought about the book, it always great to let us know what you really think about it. This is a safe space! Look forward to speaking to all of you.


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Ana Arias | 3 comments Hello everyone,

My name is Ana Arias I'm happy to star in this club because I like to read and I know it book has something to teach us and at the same time, we can understand new people. I hope this semester will be a good and success semester in this book club.

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Eric G. | 7 comments The anticipation reminds me of my order at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, this afternoon.

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Sheelia (sheelia_b) | 13 comments My name is Sheelia Brascomb. I am majoring in Business Administration Management with a special in Entrepreneurship and graduating in Winter of 2019. This is my third time doing the online book club reading and each time the books get better and better. This time around I am looking forward to what this book is actually about as I have never heard of it, so I am exciting to read it.

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La | 1 comments Hey Everyone!

I can't wait to start reading this book. I joined this club because I'm a bookworm. (lol) Looking forward to the chapters ahead!!!!

I'm a business major.

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Victoria Smith (vrosesmith22) | 2 comments Hello-

My name is Victoria. My major is health service management and I'm attending the Woodland Park campus full time. My expected graduation date is April 2019. I was able to participate once before in this book club and I enjoyed it. I'm actually looking forward to reading this book since it will be incorporated into one of my classes on campus!

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Prerna (prernajoshi) | 2 comments Hello everyone,
I'm Prerna Joshi studying IT Management at NYC Midtown campus. This is my second semester. I've never participated in an online book club before. I'm really excited to read and discuss the book this semester The taste of Salt by Martha Southgate.

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Vincent Speaks (VCspeaks) | 3 comments Greetings!
My name is Vincent Speaks you can find me at the midtown campus. My major is Legal Studies, which works out great since I'm an avid reader of all genres. I have a bout 1 1/2 year to complete my degree. I have never joined a book club, because I never thought I'd have time so I am excited to participate.

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Cierra Smith | 1 comments Hi! My name is Cierra, but my friends and family call me by my middle name, Ke'Lonee. I am an online student for Berkeley College and I major in Fashion Merchandising. Its a two year program so I should be graduating in 2020.

This is my first time ever being apart of a book club. Being as though I really enjoy reading, it's kind of a surprise. I don't have any questions as of yet. I'm just looking forward to some good reads and being apart of an experience!

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Samirah White | 1 comments Hey!
My name is Samirah but yo can call me Samie. I am just starting my first semester at the Woodbridge, NJ campus. I am taking the CMA course at this time. This is my first "Club" experience and I am totally looking forward to it!

Stacy Podelski (StacyPodelski) | 2 comments Hi Everyone!

My name is Stacy and I am a Management Major at Berkeley College in my first year at the Brooklyn Campus. This is my first club experience and can't wait to interact with everyone.


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Damarnie Clarke | 1 comments Hi
My name is Damarnie Clarke and I'm the president of the Criminal Justice club here at my campus. I'm expected to graduate in 2021 and this is my first time on the Online Book club discussion. Overall, I'm looking forward to getting engaged with everyone and to learn as much as possible.

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Valerie Monegro | 1 comments Hello all,
My name is Valeri Monegro I'm and Online campus student. My major is Health Services Management and I'm part of the
Class of 2018. This is my first time participating in a Online Book Club discussion. Looking forward to learn about this book and the variety of interpretation about it.
Valerie M

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Francesca Bernhardt | 2 comments Hi All,

My name is Francesca and I am an online student at Berkeley. I have an AS Business Admin from Berkeley and came back years later to obtain a BS in Information Technology Management. I miss reading books outside of work and school. I love to get lost in the pages.

I am looking forward to reading this book and being a part of the Book Club.



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Shannon Elfe (ShanATaylorElfe) | 1 comments I am 29 I am married almost 10 years with a 8 year old son . They are my world. My husband and I live with my son in the Bronx section of New York. I am student and my husband works security downtown he is Director of his company and my son is going to 2nd grade. He got left back in 1st grade for not being on reading level he is now doing better and also going to Catholic school when school comes back. I am studying business management with hotel hospitality. I can not wait to relax read just for my pleasure and hopefully come out of my writers block as well. Nice to meet you all.

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Elaine M | 1 comments Hello!

My name is Elaine. I attend the Woodland Park campus under their surgical technology program. I expect to graduate in the spring of 2019. I have never been a member of an online book club, or any book club for that matter, but I am excited to see what's in store!

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Leidy Garcia | 1 comments Hi everyone,
My name is Leidy and I am currently attending online classes for my Associates degree in Business Management and Administration. I have will be class of 2019! I’ve never participated in an Online Book Club discussion before. I am super excited since I love to read and receiving a new book for free makes me so happy.

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Bergeline Suffrard | 1 comments Hello Everyone! my name is Bergeline Suffrard, currently Berkeley college student at woodland park campus, my major is health administration, thats my first time enroll in the online book reading club, but my health behavior class want us to part of it for class.

message 37: by Natasha (new)

Natasha | 1 comments Natasha T. Currently Berkeley student at Woodland Park. I will be reading this book as part of my requested reading for my beheavioral health class. I have looked the author and interested in reading this book. Thank you. I have completed the required 3 steps
To receive your book:
1) Create an account on (OR log in to your existing account)
2) Introduce yourself in the Spring 2018 "Break The Ice" discussion forum
3) Fill out the form below and confirm your commitment to participate


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Magali | 2 comments Hello, my name is Hilda McLean. I currently attend the New York Campus and expect to graduate in 2019. This will be my first online book club and I look forward to it.

message 39: by Jane (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jane (wanjira) | 19 comments Hello. My name is Jane. I am an online masters student, class of 2020, no this is not my first online book club. Tips for new comers. Just have fun interacting

message 40: by Anahka (new)

Anahka | 4 comments Hi everyone, My name is Anahka Barker currently pursuing my Bachelor degree in Health Services Management at the Brooklyn Campus. This is my first time doing this and im eager to learn and interact. My expected graduaion is schedule for Fall,2020

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Michele Ranieri | 1 comments Hi Everyone,

My name is Michele Ranieri. I am a Criminal Justice major for bachelor's degree. I am also a Berkeley College employee. This is the first time I am participating in any type of book club. I usually read more in spring/summer so I'm really looking forward to this.

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Ashley Judith (ajvaldi) | 2 comments Hello fellow book readers! My Name is Ashley Judith, I do prefer to be called AJ. This is my first time participating in a book club, but I would love to find new interesting books to read.

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Julianna Tamba (jylie29) | 8 comments Hello my name is Julianna Tamba and I am looking forward to be apart of this book discussion since I am free now. I really am interested in this book just because I love reading books to be honest.

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Avril | 1 comments Hi, my name is Avril and I am a criminal justice major in my sophomore year and I am very excited to join this group, it's my first book club, yay me.

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Charlene Burke | 2 comments Hi everyone! My name is Charlene Burke. I'm a readmit student at Berkeley's Brooklyn campus. I graduated in 2015 with an Associate Degree. My major is Business Management. This will be my second time participating in the online book club. I'm excited to read "The Taste of Salt". Thank you again for the opportunity!

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Lorena | 2 comments Hi Everyone,
My name is Lorena, I just recently started my classes online and I'm looking forward to finishing my associate's degree in Justice Studies. I get excited about starting a new book and " The Taste Of Salt" is really catching my attention.

Shayquana (shayquanaa) | 37 comments Mod
My name is Shayquana Elliott and I just graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree. I do apologize for the late post- I seem to have forgotten my password, which further delayed my participation. I do wish you all success as you attend Berkeley College. Yet, to further break the Ice; I was a Mid-town Student then transferred to being an online student (the best of both worlds), received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and I am officially a Class graduate of 2018. I have taken part in this book club for 2 years now, and I am very happy to be able to continue to take part of it with knowing I’ve already graduated. I am honestly not a big fan of reading but I have bookcases filled with books, mostly read; and I do it because, that is where the knowledge lies and because I have children. In addition, it’s an amazing opportunity to read books, share our thoughts with others, and hear the thoughts of others as well. Good Luck!

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Tammy Boxton | 1 comments Hello Everyone!
I am Ms. Tammy (the adopted Mother Figure) from the Newark Campus. Congratulations to all of the Graduates! My apologies for the late post, but I was recently released from the hospital and doing much better. I will be receiving my Bachelors in Management next semester. I am a huge advocate of reading, because reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. Reading is one of my greatest past times, although I have not been able to do it as much since I started back to school. I look forward to the day when I can once again be transfixed into another world by the power of words. Because of my love and passion for reading, I have always wanted to join the book club, but my busy schedule would not permit me to add another thing on my plate. But, since this is my last full semester here, and the current book title “A Taste Of Salt” caught my attention, I figured it is now or never. I look forward to reading it and all the feedback from the group. I wish you all well in your future endeavors.

message 49: by Rosita (new)

Rosita Mendez (msladymendez) | 4 comments Good day everyone, My name is Rosalinda J Mendez, aka: Rosa and I am from the Woodridge campus. I am working on my Medical assistant certification, of which I will complete in Dec of 2018.
I have never attended a book club let along an online one. Now, to me I love the feel of fresh crisp books and that’s how I also learn. Yes, I am a traditional learner and as such I also read as such.
This will be a learning experience for me and I do seek to learning more and joining in the discussions.
Books I love to read are true crime stories like, Ann Rule.
I am a proud grandma of 5, one of them are a set of twins. I have 6 children, had a rough background and growing up. And Made many mistakes but I have grown up and got my GED at 35 and started my college career in 2012.
Learning is so very important and not to be taken lightly.

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Tracy Miranda (luscioustracy) | 4 comments Hello Everyone,
My name is Tracy Miranda. I am a Berkeley College Student. I am taking online courses. I just finished getting my associates degree in Health Administration Medical Billing and Coding 2018. I am now pursuing my Bachelors in Medical Management. I have participated in a book club before, and I loved it. I love reading. I am looking forward to reading more books, and graduating eventually with my degree just like I did with my associates. Nice to meet you all.

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