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message 1: by Harold (new)

Harold Vance III (sensingplace) | 34 comments Hey all;

I’m wondering if anyone has some good recommendations for children’s literature with positive experiences with divorced or divorcing parents as a backdrop to the story. I’m not looking for how to guides, or what-to-do-when types of books, but rather something with a fun story first and foremost, and a positive experience of a family making it through a divorce, whether implicit or explicit, and coming out all the better on the other side?


message 2: by John (Taloni) (new)

John (Taloni) Taloni (johntaloni) | 4271 comments So, the first Percy Jackson series? Mom is divorced and had a fling with Poseidon, hence Percy.

message 3: by Melani (new)

Melani | 183 comments The Spiderwick Chronicles, which starts with: The Field Guide

The kids move into a house with their mom because the parents are getting a divorce. It's not a huge plot point, but it does factor in.

message 4: by Harold (new)

Harold Vance III (sensingplace) | 34 comments Awesome! Thank you. I've actually been meaning to pick up the Spiderwick Chronicles for awhile now anyway. :-)

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