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Kamalika Mukherjee | 5 comments Hi,

I'm looking for an honest review of my book on Goodreads or Amazon. I'm willing to purchase your book and write a review as well. I'm a new author and pretty desperate for some honest feedback and it's OK if it's not a 5-star review. It would be really great if I can find a trio to exchange reviews so that each of us can review the other's book without exactly swapping.

Warm regards,


Kristie (kristies2) | 12 comments I’d be willing, as long as you’re ok with reading a book set in 1970 with a horse racing/racetrack setting. It’s considered historical fiction. It has a few mild and short sex scenes and a romance feel without the predictable plot sequence of a typical romance novel.
—Candy has escaped from an abusive relationship and has made it back home to New York. He can’t let her go, though, and moves his full barn of racehorses from Miami to NYC to search for her. But, she’s escaped again just before he arrives. She runs to Canada in search of starting over. There, she finds the town and it’s people charming, especially one man. Dare she trust again or will he turn out like the rest? —
It’s called Turn of the Tide. It’s book 3 in a series but can stand alone.
I’m also trying to get into editing. I see too many authors these days going without it and failing because of bad grammar. So I can give you some advice on that as well, if it needs it. :)

Kristie @ kristiehigginsauthor . com
Or message me here if you like.


Kamalika Mukherjee | 5 comments Hey Kristie,

Thanks for the quick response.

I happen to love horses and I adore historical romances. So, I'd be honoured to read your book.

But, will review exchange work on Amazon or do you think we need to set up a trio, with another author?

For example, I read and review your book and you read and review X's book and X read and review my book or something along this vein? After a couple of months, we can exchange again? And X can post a review of your book, you post a review on my book and so on? Well, you get the gist, I hope :)

My email is:
Here's my website where you'll find the blurb of my book.

Please let me know if you like it because it'll not be fair to ask you to review a book you may not enjoy.

Best wishes,


Kristie (kristies2) | 12 comments Hi, I guess we should try to get a third. I have a different last name on my books than on my amazon profile so for me it would work fine. If yours is the same name, I guess they’d figure it out. So hopefully someone else will reply.
I’ll see if I can find someone too.
Your book looks good. :) I could read it!


Kamalika Mukherjee | 5 comments Ok, so we have a deal :)

Can I add you to Hangout/Google chat? It'll be easier to communicate, I think?

Kristie (kristies2) | 12 comments I’m old. What’s hangout? Lol Is that the google plus thing?

Kamalika Mukherjee | 5 comments No. The Google chat. I'll invite you. :)

Kristie (kristies2) | 12 comments I actually had to make an account on that. lol I did it now. My email address for that, I think, is

;) Kristie

Kamalika Mukherjee | 5 comments Hey Kristie,

I sent you an email. Can you please tell me the name of your book so that I can download it from Amazon? Or better, send me the link to your Amazon page.

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