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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Isn’t it adorable?!

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments xD

Who should start us off?

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Aww pretty kitty. ^-^

Lol that might prove difficult. :P I’m fine with starting if you prefer not to.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Arianna was surprised when she heard her name being called to the office. Had she forgotten something at home she didn’t realize and her mom brought it in? That wasn’t like herself, so she doubted that could be it. After gathering her books in case she didn’t return before class was over she hurried to the office.

When she walked in she saw a few students sitting in the chairs and others standing at the desk. Not seeing her mother she bit her lip nervously wondering what she could have done to be called to the office. Seeing one of the counselors she got her attention, “I have no idea why I was called down here, but my name is Arianna Chambers?” She told the counselor, she rarely dealt with any of the office staff and didn’t know the woman’s name.

”Oh yes! Principal Miller said you would be the perfect person to show around our new student.”

Aria’s face paled slightly, “B-but I’m not one of the students that signed up for that. Shouldn’t someone else be doing that?” She stumbled out quietly as the counselor ushered her over to where a boy with dark hair sat.

“Edmund?” The counselor said to get the boy’s attention making Arianna realize he was blind. “This is Arianna. She will be showing you around the school until you are comfortable enough to be on your own.”

“U-um hi,” Arianna said slightly louder than her normal speaking voice since everyone always complained they could never hear her.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Arianna had to clear her throat to be able to talk. She hated how nervous new people made her. “H-hello Edmund. I’m Arianna Chambers.” She again forced her voice to be louder than normal for her. She looked over her shoulder when she heard a door close and the counselor disappear. “Well,” she said as she turned to look at him. “Have they given you your schedule yet or are they just kind of throwing us both out there to the wolves since I have never done this before?” She asked him curiously.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Arianna blushed when he pointed out that her question. Was quite dumb, “Right. Sorry,” she muttered softly completely embarrassed to have asked that now. “As I said I have never done this before. Um well I guess we need to go to the business office to pick it up if they have it ready. Is it easier for you to use your cane or hold on to me to get there? Class is in session right now so the halls are empty at the moment luckily.” Blushing brighter she laughed nervously, “I’m sorry.” She repeated, he would come to find out that seemed to be her favorite phrase with how often she apologized.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Arianna looked up at him and smiled, “Miss Chambers? I think only my teachers have ever called me that. Most everyone calls me Aria since my name is so long,” she told him. “No, it doesn’t bother me. I am a decent amount shorter than you just to warn you.” It was surprising how tall he was really. He would probably be the tallest one in their school now if she wasn’t mistaken. “O-oh. Um, habit I suppose. I apologize. A lot. I always have.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “It’s okay, just a bit surprising is all. Wow, Japan? Why in the world would your family move here? Japan sounds much more interesting.” She assumed with how well he spoke English he had been at another school in America before coming to her school. “And what should I call you?” She asked curiously. If he was used to a family name she would call him that it didn’t bother her really it would just be something to get used to. Aria laughed softly, “Yes I’m very short.” Helping him when he reached out his hand she placed it on her shoulder. Heading his laugh she blushed, but laughed again herself, “Told you, short,” she told him. “The door is straight ahead,” she told him, “When I open it it will be on your side with you holding on to my left shoulder.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Aria found herself nodding despite the fact he couldn’t see her. Glancing up at him she was surprised to hear he had Canadian relatives and even more surprised by all his names. “Goodness. Uh which name do you prefer?” She asked him knowing everyone has a preferred name since it always bothered her when people tried calling her by her middle name. “You don’t have to thank me,” she told him softly as she started walking slowly with him. A slight blush popped up on her cheeks though she wasn’t sure why, “Thank you. I’m happy with my height it makes ballet easier.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “Ed it is,” she said with a smile while opening the door. “Door,” she warned so he could make sure it didn’t hit him with his free hand while they made their way into the hallway. Looking up at him she found herself starting to nod again which made her oddly annoyed with herself. “Yes, I do ballet. Well once my teacher saw me in ballet pieces she moved me away from contemporary really, but when I do get to do contemporary I feel when I was shorter a few years ago I did better honestly. My mother insists I do just as well in both though.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Walking slowly down the hallway with him she wondered if they would have classes together and that was why she was asked to show him around over anyone else. It was very strange to be volunteered for something she had never done before. His voice pulled her out of her thoughts slowly, “Hmm? Oh,” she thought briefly trying to remember feeling herself tense up, but couldn’t think of anything. “I didn’t realize my body tensed, but I guess I’m just curious why they asked me to do this when there are students that volunteer to show new students around. Of course most of them are horrible people if you ask me, but that is beside the point.” Biting her lip she realized that might sound bad, “Not that I am complaining about showing you around,” she hurried on, “just confused.” Looking up as he mentioned the piano room she smiled, “I definitely know where that is. I take it you play?”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “No, no I didn’t mean that at all. It is far from a burden to help someone I’m just...not good at talking to people usually. I’ve never shown anyone around the school, no, but I have a cousin who is mostly blind and I have helped her around in public,” she told him with a soft smile. Her cousin wasn’t as receptive to help as he was though. She would always fight since she could see shadows, but sometimes she would see shadows to late and run into someone or something so Aria’s aunt always wanted someone helping her while in public. The fights were never fun. Listening to how excitedly he explained made Aria relax and smile more. “Well if you are in no hurry at the end of the day I can bring you there. There also might be sometime during lunch if we have the same lunch time at least.” Looking up at him she tilted her head curiously, “What do you prefer to play if you’re not playing classics?” She asked very curious now about him.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Aria smiled a little, “It’s hard to explain. If I have my phone or a computer between me and someone I can talk freely, I think you not being able to see me helps me in that aspect, too. I don’t mean that meanly, my brain is just strange,” she explained. Looking up at him Aria thought about him and her cousin meeting, “That could probably work. She’s homeschooled because my aunt thinks she can’t handle a regular school.” Smiling at his light hearted joke she wondered if he was always so easy going about being blind, but knew that was rude to even think of asking. Giggling when he jumped excitedly Aria answered, “Of course I wouldn’t mind. Would you want to go during lunch if possible or just wait until after school?” She was fine with either since she would have to stay after school for dance since they were practicing at the theatre in the school to get ready for a recital. Stopping outside the business office as he talked she grinned, “You like playing Disney songs?” She asked while opening the door and holding it for them as they walked inside.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “That doesn’t seem so strange. Just because you can’t see the hair doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate playing with it and feeling the different textures.” It didnt sound odd. It actually sounded interesting to her, but maybe she had a different outlook because of growing up with her cousin. “My Aunt is a very different woman. She was used to everything being perfect her whole life and when my cousin was born blind my mom said she didn’t know how to handle it and never really learned that letting her do normal things was better for her than holding her back. My mother disagrees with her, whole heartedly,” she said with a small laugh. “Well I don’t speak French, but I personally call it stupid since my cousin always begged her to let her go to regular school.”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind. I’m here late the next few weeks and have to wait for my dance teacher to show up, so I have nothing to do in between the final bell and almost four.” It was interesting to see how animated he became about the piano and she was very curious to hear him play now. “Disney songs are great for singing along to as well,” she said cheerfully. Helping him over to the desk she told the lady behind the desk that they needed his schedule, “Uh do you know which name they have your information under?” Aria asked Ed after remembering all the names he gave her to pick from.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments When the lady behind the desk heard his name she typed it in and found his schedule for them. Printing it out for them Aria almost laughed when they handed it to Ed. Taking the paper she grinned when he spoke up again, “You aren’t a burden at all.” She told him. Thanking the woman she took his hand and put it back on her shoulder. “This makes more sense now though, we have several classes together other than a couple of elective classes she told him.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments ((Hi! Sorry never got the notification from your last post. >..< Getting a reply done right now!))

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “Yes so this will make everything easier for you hopefully,” she said happily. “Well we have all the normal ones chorus, foreign language classes, PE, band, theatre, things like that. I prefer classes with music since I dance and like to sing personally.” Looking over the schedule she told him, “All of our core classes so calculus, anatomy, senior English, and world history. They have you in a PE class I’m sure that will need to be changed.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “Hmm he is a bit of a jerk, so my guess is no he won’t be. No harm in trying though of course.” Looking over at Ed, Aria studied his face slightly. He had cute features and he seemed ultimately good natured about being blind. It madeher more curious about him, but not sure how to ask any questions without seeming rude. “Not anymore. There’s chorus and band. There is concert band though which is where piano comes in if you want to be able to play fairly regularly. And foreign language they have five. Japanese, which I’m sure you don’t need after living in Japan you would probably end up the teacher, German, Spanish, Italian, and ugh I can’t remember the fifth.” She scowled at herself. She normally could remember everything.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Aria smiled a little seeing his face scrunch up about the PE teacher. “Yeah, I will help you get that switched after classes today since for some reason they won’t do it during classes.” She hates seeing him sad about the music class, “Is there anything you would want to do specifically for electives other than a music class of course? If there is we can ask them when we switch out PE if there is something for it.” Laughing softly she nodded to herself, “That might be pretty amusing actually because I’m betting the teacher probably mispronounces over half of the words he teaches. If you do you will have to record a class for me so I can see his reaction.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “There is a home ec class actually. It’s really fun to the teacher let’s us come up with our own recipes instead of having to stick directly to already made recipes.” She told him happily. Grabbing a pen she wrote down that he would like to take the cooking class. “Not very weird. You have to take care of yourself somehow right?” She said looking over at him again. Her eyebrows knitted together watching him touch his chest, “Are you Alright?” She asked concerned. Grabbing at your chest was never a good thing so the question seemed dumb.
Giggling when he defended the teacher she shrugged, “Meet him. You’ll agree with me then.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments ((Hi! Sorry I haven’t replied yet. I was preparing for a wedding today and right now I’m going to bed, but I will reply in the morning. ^-^))

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Aria tiled her head not quite believing it was only a tired thing, but didn’t disagree, “Hmm well the ladies in the office can be exhausting to deal with so that is understandable. Plus unpacking and little sleep, I would be tired too,” she agreed even though she still had her doubts. “Yes, if you end up hating any of the classes or teachers we can change them at the end of the day.” Hearing the bell ring she cringed hating the sound. “And we are now off to second period so I guess you will meet our calculus teacher tomorrow instead.” Standing up she put her hand on his arm so he could find her shoulder easily.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments ((You are totally fine!! You had to wait way longer on me so I have no room to complain. ^-^))

Aria was watching Ed more closely now concerned something more was wrong that he wasn’t letting on to. Giggling softly she shrugged knowing he would feel the gesture, “Well I have never read nor watched Harry Potter so I cannot answer that. Though Mr. Milner isn’t so bad. He’s nice, makes corny jokes, normal teacher that wants to be cool still type guy. I hate math and I understand the lessons with very little help so there is that too.” Smiling she started them towards anatomy, “You don’t have to thank me, honestly.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Laughing Aria lifted an eyebrow at his dramatic display. “No, I have not. I tried and could not get in to it,” she said still laughing softly. Looking up at him she contemplated his comment of their teacher being a hippie, “Hmm kind of actually. Just not the stuck in Woodstock kind.” Aria giggled at his joke, it was nice seeing he had that kind of sense of humor about being blind. “You don’t suck at all. I thought it was funny actually. And we are going to anatomy. This teacher, Mrs. Ames, is just flat out crazy.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “Hey I may be older than you, you don’t know that,” she said nudging him playfully. Laughing softly she shook her head as she brought him into the loud hallways. She always hated between classes since it was so loud. “Woodstock hippie? No, I don’t think I could either.” Looking up at him when he turned his face towards her she smiled, “I did. I think you are right we will be very good friends if you keep up with the cheesy jokes.” She noticed as they walked how people were staring and got distracted glaring at the ones that were pointing. “Hmm? Oh. Umm well. I guess she is more of the may secretly be a murderer crazy in my opinion.”

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments Aria rolled her eyes and shook her head. Everyone bothered her for not reading those books so it wasn’t like it was anything new to her, but they weren’t interesting. If something she was reading didn’t keep her attention easily she couldn’t continue it. Looking up at Ed when he started talking loudly she couldn’t help laughing when everyone looked embarrassed about their stares and whispers. “The loudness you get used to believe it or not. The idiots not so much,” she warned him as they finally got in the hallway with science classes when he had her moving faster. Smirking Aria nodded, “That’s one way to put her craziness. I don’t think she will eat us though. Then again there is the one kid in her class that disappears every year,” she said jokingly.

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~Nightingale~ | 30 comments “This is true,” she agreed with a laugh. “Idiots are fun to mess with though since they are easily confused.” Looking over at him she couldn’t help smiling around him which was actually odd for her. Even more so she was laughing more than normal with him and another laughing fit started at him next comment, “Complete joke, but she did have a student move schools every year since my first year here and of course because of that the idiots started rumors. Not too fun around here unfortunately.”

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