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Tim, the 'psychiatrist'

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message 1: by Gabi (last edited Apr 25, 2018 04:29AM) (new)

Gabi | 46 comments
“You weren’t there. Yes, I put my arm around him when he was shaking and unable to sleep. Yes I told him… fuck, I told him I loved him and we all loved him. He slept between me and my pregnant wife… in our bed. But I love him. He was mine. He was so much better than I deserved.” Tim mocked my whiny voice. “I had to fall asleep listening to that for three fucking weeks.” Tim pointed at Mark with anger pouring out of his eyes. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!”

I think this was the only scene written by Chris, where he wasn't actually there, when this happened. He got the info secondhand from either Mark or Tim (or both).
And I loved it.

I had mixed feelings about Tim, cause how can he turn his back on Mark? Of course, we don't know the whole story. On the other hand I loved him for protecting Chris, not that he needed any. :)

I don't want to take sides, it's kinda pointless. I just wanted to express my feelings towards Tim. He's actually sounds like a funny guy. :)

And I hope I'm not disrupting Chris's writing schedule with this post. Are you writing chronologically? Or whatever mood you're in?

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Christopher Sullivan | 13 comments Mod
I think you'll like Tim. ;)

You'll get to know him in the first three books. Let's see what you think.

Not interrupting me at all. You're keeping me going!

message 3: by Gabi (new)

Gabi | 46 comments I decided I like Tim! I loved his honesty, when he said that Mark is not a nice person, he was trying to protect you, even then.

And poor Ryan, he was jealous as hell! Haha! ;D

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Christopher Sullivan | 13 comments Mod
I like Tim, too. His wife is one of my closest friends now.

It's true he was issuing a warning, but the heart wants what it wants. I wouldn't hear a bad thing about Mark... or maybe I heard, but wouldn't listen.

And you caught on to that about Ryan? ;) He's a goofball.

message 5: by Gabi (new)

Gabi | 46 comments I guess Stacy is still not a fan of Mark?
And I think that maybe what Tim said about Mark was true before he met you, but you kind of changed him. For the better.
Well, maybe 'change' isnt't the right word. You brought out the best in him. :) Or he just needed to grow up! XD

I imagine Ryan as a big softy. :D (view spoiler) LoL

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XiaXia | 16 comments We're here :)

message 7: by XiaXia (new)

XiaXia | 16 comments No kidding? I had no idea! Great info, Corinne! Thank you! :*

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Gabi | 46 comments Do people need an invite to join the group or can they join without one? I don't remember.

message 9: by Gabi (new)

Gabi | 46 comments Cool. Thanks, Corinne!

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Christopher Sullivan | 13 comments Mod
I forgot about this! haha. I logged on today and was like, what's going on with my notifications? So much activity! Thanks Corinne! I'm still here, too. :)

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