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These Violent Delights (Robin) | 1232 comments Mod
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Book: Atancia
Number of copies available: 5 kindle copies
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance

After watching a young boy die, college freshman Atancia Clark begins to have panic attacks. Her heart flutters, her breath catches and she can’t control her emotions the way she always has. She wants to be strong, but lately she just hasn’t been living up to her own expectations. When she meets Ben Althaus, her breath starts catching for entirely different reasons. He helps Atancia discover the cause for her odd emotional reactions and the history she thought was lost when her mother left her. Atancia has power beyond that of an average girl, and Ben is by no means ordinary. He wants to help her hone her talents, but her focus is threatened by life-altering events. Add Ben’s entrancing brother, Matthew, to the mix, and Atancia’s lack of clarity could lead her down a destructive path.

Atancia is a paranormal romance novel for young adults. It is the first book of The Durand Duology

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message 2: by Wren (new) - added it

Wren Figueiro | 11 comments Lynxe wrote: " can I have one??"

Of course. Sending now.

message 3: by Erin Lynn (new)

Erin Lynn | 2727 comments Mod
Wren, I'm sorry, but it looks like Katia/Lynxe has taken your book with no intent to review it.

Since messaging me to say that she only was after free books with no intent to review, she has deleted her account.

I'm truly sorry for this.

message 4: by Wren (new) - added it

Wren Figueiro | 11 comments Don't worry! It happens.

message 5: by Erin Lynn (new)

Erin Lynn | 2727 comments Mod
Wren wrote: "Don't worry! It happens."

Okay. Again, I'm sorry. I hope anyone else who requests a books actually reviews it. :)

message 6: by Erin Lynn (new)

Erin Lynn | 2727 comments Mod
Before anyone requests any more books, please be sure to check out our new R2R rules.

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