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ladybug Kaida started climbing a tree, her heavy backpack banging against her back. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath, only one thick branch stopping her from falling eight feet onto the ground below her. Starting climbing again, she reached for another branch, and finally made it to a small moss cushioned area surrounded by branches, where she could rest peacefully, and not be seen.

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ladybug Startled, Kaida glared up at the girl, her hand already reaching for the machete strapped to her thigh. When she realized that it was just another girl, she relaxed her shoulders, but didn't drop her hand. "What do you mean? This has been my spot for quite a while, and besides, as long as you stay far enough up, we won't see each other, if you're so bothered with my company," she said sharply.

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ladybug Kaida thought about unsheathing her machete, then thought against it. She'd rather not have to hurt someone, and it was safer to just talk it out. "I really doubt it, but look. ARE YOU BLIND? This tree is ENORMOUS!!! Do I really need to smack some sense into that small brain of yours, or will you just climb back up to wherever you were before, so you're not bothering me!?!"

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ladybug Glaring daggers at the girl, Kaida unsheathed her machete and pointed it at her. "I don't like being around other people either. As you can see, my knife is superior to yours, being a machete, and if you know what's good for you, you'll leave me alone."

((ooh, I have an idea! What if because they're not really allowed to kill each other, they have an epic paint ball fight and neither of them win, and its a tie, so they become friends!))

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ladybug ((Yay!))

Kaida snorted, and remarked, "then you obviously haven't seen me with a rifle. How about this: Since we're not allowed to kill each other without consequences, we have a paintball fight. Whoever wins gets this tree."

((Can they just shoot each other in the paintball fight at exactly the same time? That'd be really dramatic...Imagine this: some number counting down to zero then...SMACK!!! both players are dead. at exactly the same time. Not dead, since they're using paint balls, of course.))

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Kaida sheathed her machete, and pulled two paint ball guns out of her backpack. She handed one to Griffin. She kept two paint ball guns in her backpack because firstly, she liked challenging random people to paintball battles, and secondly, because she practiced shooting often, and oftentimes they broke because of their cheap material.
Kaida climbed down the tree, jumping the last several feet, and landed on the grass. "We should put some distance between us. I'll go around fifty feet that way."

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ladybug "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six," Kaida counted off, "five, four, three, two, one, START!!!" Her gun was already raised, pointed at Griffin's chest. As soon as she said one, she shot her in the chest. As she saw the shot hit Griffin, she felt something hit her as well. Stepping back momentarily from the impact, she looked down, and realized that they had shot each other at exactly the same time.

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ladybug "You're better than I thought, as well," Kaida said. She didn't accept Griffin's hand, though. "I don't shake hands," she explained. "No physical contact, please, unless I'm beating you up, although I'll restrain myself from doing so to you." She took her paintball gun back from Griffin. "I'm Kaida Labelle."

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ladybug "As will I," Kaida said. Her expression turned serious. "But please, don't sit on my part of the tree. You can have the rest, but I keep the spot I was on a few minutes ago."

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ladybug "Good." Kaida said. She started climbing the tree, grabbing indents in the bark and branches to pull herself higher. "Since you shared something insignificant which I'd really already guessed about you, I'll share something about myself. Sometimes, as a hobby, I write tales of fellow classmates gruesome deaths. It's a good way to pass time, and none of the teachers can read it, because I write it in ciphers, usually, or occasionally French or Japanese."

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ladybug "Picturing deaths isn't as fun, when you can actually CAPTURE the moment in writing. I do wish I was better at drawing, though. If I could draw a few of my classmates, print their picture on a dummy, then kill it, that would be fun." Kaida said, smiling, as if picturing something lovely.

"What do you mean by 'story'? That's a wide term."

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ladybug "Hmph. I was just wondering whether you wanted my life story, like every tiny little detail down to the names of the cats I killed and their owners, or just a wide over view. Apparently you meant neither." Kaida said sharply. "My parents died because of water poisoning, and I'm here because they're dead from water poisoning. There's nowhere else for me to go." She crossed her arms. "Now I've answered your questions."

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ladybug ((Okay! See you tomorrow, and good night! : D))

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ladybug For a moment, Kaida stared at Griffin's face. She looked oddly...sad. In a split second, the expression was gone, leaving her feeling like she'd imagined it. "Thanks," she said, half sarcastically, half seriously.

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ladybug ((That's fine : D I had school so I wasn't on here all day either.))

Kaida nodded her thanks. If she didn't ask too many questions and Griffin didn't, they'd get along quite well. She peeled a piece of moth off the tree and inspected it with interest, smiling as ants appeared all over the tree.

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ladybug "Me too. I've always adventured as a child, I grew up in the middle of nowhere without neighbors for miles and miles." Kaida squished an ant with her finger.

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ladybug "I don't have any siblings, but I had parents. My dad was the one who taught me how to shoot, and carve." Kaida said, remembering. "Of course, I learned more than three times the amount of things he taught me myself, but he taught me the basics."

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ladybug ((Sorry, sorry! I was at school, then gymnastics!!! I'll post right now))

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ladybug "Hmm." Kaida leaned forward. "May I examine your knife? It's beautiful."

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ladybug Kaida took the knife, and examined the hilt, and the sharpness of the blade. It was so well taken care of, anyone would have assumed it was brand new, except for small indents on the handle where Griffin's hand had probably held it many times. "Wow," she murmured, then peered closer at it.

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ladybug "Interesting." Kaida muttered. "I wish I had a sibling...of course, it would be bad if I ended up with some girly pink nail polish short skirts girl, or annoying mean bully boy, but then again, there's a chance that I would have ended up with some awesome sibling who was like me..."

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ladybug Kaida wished she could relate to that feeling. Everyone she'd ever loved was dead. Not even her cat Blizzard had survived. "I miss my family as well."

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ladybug "Yes...But perhaps we are here to rebuild the human race. People have made so many mistakes in the past...it's possible the water poisoning was meant to kill most of the population, but let some remain, to fix the mistakes generations before us made." Kaida said thoughtfully. She shrugged. "Or maybe we all just have awful luck. Either way, there's no way to change the past, so we will try our best to make our future good."

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ladybug Kaida snorted. "Inspirational? Bah! I'm piecing these words together from books I've read. None of these ideas are my own." She paused. "What was my family like?" She considered the question, and her face grew somber. "They were lovely. My father was strong, and brave, and he taught me to fight, shoot, but most of all, he taught me to end the lives of the animals I hunt as quickly as possible, to not prolong their suffering, and that when the time comes, I should stop my hunting, because animal races could co extinct, and I am fed perfectly well. My mother was fierce, as well, and very strong. She used to hunt alongside my father but stopped after getting pregnant with me." She looked at her hands. "I loved them..."

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ladybug "Yes..." Kaida let herself relive her memories, and for a second, she felt as if though her parents were alive again. The moment past, and she sighed.

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ladybug ((That's fine!))

"Okay.." Kaida said curiously. She wondered what exactly Griffin would reveal.

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ladybug Kaida was completely shocked. She'd never realized how much people, aside from herself, had suffered. She'd always assumed it was SHE who lived the worst, SHE who had the most horrifying past, and so on. She wasn't completely sure what to say, so all she said was, "oh my..."

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ladybug Kaida wondered if she should comfort Griffin, but decided against it. Even if she had done so, she didn't know how so it wouldn't help anyway. "It's fine..." She muttered. She awkwardly looked away to allow Griffin to dry her face.

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ladybug "Hey, it's fine." Kaida said. "I miss my parents too."

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ladybug Kaida nodded. "If there's a chance, don't lose hope." ((VERY DRAMATIC AND CHEESY WORDS, but hey...uh...well Kaida's very bad at comforting people so she's quoting from movies she's watched...))

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ladybug Kaida sat awkwardly, watching Griffin's face light up as she believed she had hope. If only it was the same for her; she'd felt both her parents necks for their pulses only to feel cold silence.

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