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imyril | 310 comments Mod
This is an informal read-along, so no obligation to blog and no set dates for posts! However, I will post prompts here and on Twitter each Wednesday starting May 2nd.

This thread can be used for discussion and/or to share links to blog posts - please make good use of spoiler tags if you start discussing your thoughts here! There will also be a discussion thread posted on Twitter each Sunday, with the first posted on May 6th.

Our schedule:

Week I: Prologue, Jill/Cerrgonney 1052, Brangwen/Deverry 643
Week II: Jill/Deverry 1058, Lyssa/Deverry 698
Week III: Jill/Eldidd 1062 – to end of scene: “Silver dagger, I’ve got a hire for you”
Week IV: from our stopping point through to the end

Can't wait to get reading when I get home tomorrow...

imyril | 310 comments Mod
Week I - First impressions

The mists part and our journey begins... Here are some thought starters for discussion of week one for those who wish to craft blog posts. If you'd like to get chatty, I'll re-post these on Twitter on Sunday for the broader audience (if you want to get chatty here, please use spoiler tags!)

This is an informal read-along - you don't have to discuss / cover each point! Feel free to pick and choose, and of course to focus on other things that caught your attention as you read!

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imyril | 310 comments Mod
Discontinued as I believe we're all chatting on Twitter not blogging this time :D

I will post prompts on Twitter on Saturday!

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