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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fiction, probably written in the 1800’s, about the life of a young girl, living ina small village in France.

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Heatherbathon802 bathon (heathermary) | 1 comments I thought the title was Mimi Cherie, but cannot find anything going by that - perhaps Mimi was the girl’s name, and she was cherie to her parents, so that stuck in my head. The book descrbes a life lived in poverty, but with a powerful connection to the land and the people in a small village. It is reminiscent of John Berger’s Pig Earth, if that helps.


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Tab (tabbrown) | 5055 comments How many years ago did you read this?
Was the book originally written in French?
Anything about the cover?
Part of a series?

Do you remember any other characters, like friends, neighbors, villains, etc?

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Lobstergirl | 40603 comments Mod
Heatherbathon802, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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Michele | 2425 comments Written in the 1800s or *set* in the 1800s?

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