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message 1: by R.A. (new)

R.A. Nelson | 2 comments Here is my author profile:

This is a little confusing, and I apologize in advance! :)

There are 3 books in my "Gatekeeper" trilogy:
- Gatekeeper I - The Finding
- Gatekeeper II - The Leaving
- Gatekeeper III - The Keeping

Books 1 and 2 were previously published by OakTara publishing, and they were published under my maiden name "Ruth Crews". I got back the rights to those books from OakTara. I then RE-published books 1 and 2 independently, as well as book 3, with CreateSpace, using the name "R. A. Nelson".

I tried combining the different "editions" of books 1 and 2 (from OakTara and CreateSpace), but I did something wrong. Books 1 and 2 are now both listed underneath Gatekeeper I.

So... I need some assistance, please:
- Please separate Gatekeeper I - The Finding from Gatekeeper II - The Leaving.
- I created a new edition of Gatekeeper I for the updated paperback that I self-published, but it's now listed all by itself. It needs to be listed along with/combined the other Gatekeeper I editions.
- The previous editions of books 1 and 2 were also titled a bit differently (book 1 was "The Finding" and book 2 was "The Leaving", which are now subtitles for my current editions). This is fine, just take note of it when you're separating.
- Bottom line: there should be 3 separate titles with the appropriate books listed beneath them according to the titles I listed at the top of this comment.

I don't want to overwhelm with details, so if you need any clarification please just let me know.

Thanks so much for your help!

message 2: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Hi RA,

First thing you should be aware of: Goodreads is a book cataloging site, not a bookseller. As such, we keep records of all editions of a book added to the site, not just those currently available. So overwriting valid publication info on an old edition to try and turn it into a new edition is against GR policy. Instead, if a book is rereleased with a new cover/title/pen name/etc., the solution is to add an edition. Additionally, when ISBNs are reused, the old edition is marked as an alternate cover edition and the ISBN is moved to the new edition. I reverted several changes to books 1 and 2 that were against Goodreads policy and then added new editions where appropriate.

The second thing you should be aware of is that when a book is rereleased with a new pen name, in order to keep all editions grouped together on the site, all editions must keep the original pen name as the primary author. New editions have the new pen name added as a secondary author. I reverted several changes made to the author field against GR policy. The result is that now all editions of books 1 and 2 are grouped correctly under your old pen name, Ruth Crews. Because book 3 was never published under that pen name, all editions of it are currently combined under your new pen name, R.A.^^^^Nelson (where ^ is a space).

While logged in as R.A. Nelson, you will have the ability to edit book 3 because you are its primary author. However, you will not have the ability to edit books 1 and 2 unless you claim the Ruth Crews profile with an email address different from the one you used to claim R.A. Nelson. To claim the Ruth Crews author profile, go here:

Scroll down and click on "Is this you? Let us know." Once you have claimed that author profile, you will be able to log in as Ruth Crews and set the default edition of books 1 and 2. The default edition is the one that appears on the associated author profile, on the series page, and in search results by name. Only primary authors can set the default edition, not librarians or secondary authors. Here are the instructions on setting the default edition of a work:

message 3: by R.A. (new)

R.A. Nelson | 2 comments Thank you for your patience and assistance.
Thanks also for helping keep me on track with Goodreads policy.
It is much appreciated!

- Ruth

message 4: by Alessandra (last edited Apr 25, 2018 01:04PM) (new)

Alessandra Neymar | 4 comments Hello,
I do not write English well, so I apologize for my mistakes.

My problem is that two of my books belonging to the same series have been combined. But I want to separate them because they are independent.

The title of the books is:
"Look at me and Shoot"
"You and I"
Both of the author Alessandra Neymar (myself).

I would like to be separated and each one independent.

I would also like to know how I should do to claim a book. My book "You and me" does not appear in my books as authorship. I would like to include it.

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you help me.

message 5: by Olivia (last edited Apr 25, 2018 01:19PM) (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments #4
The original titles would be much more helpful...
Are "You and I" and "You and me" different books?

If not, you couldn't see it on your profile, because it was incorrectly combined with another book.

Is everything as it should be now?

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