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message 1: by Kiersten, Mod (new)

Kiersten Fay (kierstenfay) | 509 comments Mod
Anyone have any recommendations for a good apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic romance?

message 2: by Sally (new)

Sally (sjanec) | 22 comments Have you read the Until the End of the World Series by Sarah Lyons Fleming? I really enjoyed them, they have it all romance, death, zombies and survival.

message 3: by Kristal (new)

Kristal Taylor (brilliant50) | 156 comments Sally that sounds like a great series. I put on my to read list.

message 4: by Sela (new)

Sela (selacarsen) | 30 comments Megan Crane's Edge series is all about the sexy, powerful, screw-what's-left-of-the-drowned-world romance. It feels like MC romance because of the outlaw edge on it. Start with Edge of Obsession Edge of Obsession (The Edge, #1) by Megan Crane

But of course, the go-to is Kit Rocha's Beyond series. Also super sexy, the series has this great core community that just grabs you by the heart. Start with Beyond Shame Beyond Shame (Beyond, #1) by Kit Rocha

message 5: by ☽ Rhiannon ✭ (last edited Jun 07, 2018 08:48PM) (new)

☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ (pnr_list) | 11 comments I haven't read this yet but it's towards the top of my to-read pile, and I adore Bec McMaster, so I feel confident recommending it:

Nobody's Hero (Burned Lands, #1) by Bec McMaster

Edited to say: I finally read it and I am excited about this series!!!

message 6: by Jane (new)

Jane Cousins | 18 comments City of Light (Outcast, #1) by Keri Arthur City of Light - by Keri Arthur. A really awesome take on a world recovering from an apocalypse. With a unique heroine. The romance is slow burn but worth the journey.

message 7: by BarbaraAnn (new)

BarbaraAnn | 43 comments I really like the hell squad series by Anna Hackett. The first book is Marcus (Hell Squad, #1) by Anna Hackett

message 8: by Jynn (new)

Jynn (junjuly_95) | 1 comments Angelfall is an incredible series. It is unique, funny and leaves you on the edge of your seat for the next book.
It is a slow burn paranormal romance though. More focused on how the heroine is surviving and growing than her love interest. But the interactions between then sure gave me the butterflies in the tummy. Highly Recc.

message 9: by Amy*skye.rhyme (new)

Amy*skye.rhyme | 86 comments Kiersten wrote: "Anyone have any recommendations for a good apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic romance?"

Mercury Striking (Scorpius Syndrome, #1) by Rebecca Zanetti Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti (awesome, unique, popular pnr series)

Once Bitten, Twice Dead (Guardians of the Dark, #2) by Bianca D'Arc Once Bitten, Twice Dead by Bianca D'arc

The Wanderer (Wasteland, #1) by Crystal Jordan The Wanderer by Crystal Jordan
(This is the 1st book, the rest of the series alternates between a few different authors)

Nomad Found A Kurtherian Gambit Series (Terry Henry Walton Chronicles, #1) by Craig Martelle Nomad Found by Craig Martelle

(this is a great post-apocalypse series but it's not really a romance novel, although there are several couples in it)

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