Mrs. Eriksson's Summer Reading Challenge 2015 discussion

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

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message 1: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn Wilson Water for Elephants is set in 1933, which is one of the many reasons I loved reading this book. Gruen wrote a fantastic story set in the Great Depression. Throughout Water for Elephants, we are told of Jacob's life in the circus and his current life in an assisted living home. This comparison truly shows how time affects everyone. I loved watching the story unfold, and although predictable, it was written so well the cliche story line didn't bother me. The circus element really kept my interest, learning about how they lived and traveled. I definitely enjoyed reading this book.

message 2: by Stephenie (new)

Stephenie Eriksson (stephkeriksson) | 70 comments Mod
Every time I opened that book, I heard a calliope ---- doot doot do do do do doot doot doo doo ---- glad you enjoyed it! :)

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