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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 303 comments We've heard of attempts to hijack Jesus, but it seems that is the only method for modern churches to attract worshippers anymore. Witness the "feel good" variety where God wants to give you everything your heart desires . All they have to do is attend and throw some money in the offering and, PRESTO the Lord will bless you with all sorts of goodies. No carrying of the cross in a burdensome manner is required. Then there's the liberal Christians who don't have to worry about hell because a deity who is all about love could never be so cruel! And, he's so loving that as long as you recognize him in some form, your sin is miraculously overlooked. No agonizing repentance needed here. Lastly, without picking into individual denominations, there's the Fundamentalists. Christ doesn't mean much to them as they have no intention of forgiving sin. Jesus' only worth was to Scripturally put them in the ballpark with the Jews so they could also become Pharisees and teachers of the Law. I suppose only the missionary variety are actually doing the Great Commission, but most of them have some extraBiblical "hook" you have to believe to be in good stead. Thoughts!

message 2: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle | 469 comments Mod
Most people fail because they only let Jesus have a few cherry picked Bible moments. Or the "Jesus of the metaphorical Bible."

Or the liberal progressive experiential Jesus who doesn't even need a Bible. Only slightly different from the Charismatic Harry Potter Jesus who came to give them Wizard powers.

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 303 comments Ha! Ha! Rod - I haven't yet been to the churches that emphasize the qualities you outlined. Wish I could find one - attendance must be a hoot!

message 4: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle | 469 comments Mod
Wow, you need to come to Canada. Or turn on Christian television.

message 5: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 303 comments Rod - perhaps you're right - I haven't watched Christian TV in ages because they wanted money for being insufferably boring. Not a good combination!

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