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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Reilly (michellecreilly) | 2 comments Can you please update the cover on my book. I've already uploaded it to this site.


New cover:

Thank you for your help!

message 2: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Looks like you were able to figure this out. I did edit the book title to be consistent with Goodreads policy, and I started a series page for you here:

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Reilly (michellecreilly) | 2 comments Thank you. I hadn't realized I had the title wrong and that I could make a series page.

But, the cover is still incorrect. The correct one is here (it has to the logo in the top right corner):

Thanks again!

message 4: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Ah. Didn't see that. Can you tell me if the old cover went out on any published editions or any advanced reader copies prior to publication?

And FYI, authors do not have the ability to makes or edit series pages, only librarians can do that.

message 5: by Z-squared (last edited Jul 29, 2014 05:30PM) (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Oh, nm, I can see that they did.

Ok. Goodreads policy is to keep all published covers because users like to shelve the edition that matches the one they own. Instead, we make alternate cover editions (ACEs), and you as the author have the ability to set the new cover as the default edition.

Normally at this point I'd make you an ACE for the kindle edition, but that requires me to use the combine function, which Goodreads has taken down for maintenance. I'll have to come back to this request once that feature is back up. I strongly recommend bumping this thread tomorrow if I (or another librarian) haven't fulfilled this request.

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