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message 1: by Ariana (new) - added it

Ariana | 10 comments 1. "The only reason I'm not ordinary is that no one else sees me that way"(page 3 paragraph 2). I picked this quote because it shows how August thinks that he isn't ordinary because no one thinks he is normal. No one believes that he could be considered ordinary, so he doesn't believe it either. I decided to pick this one because it is a very meaning full quote because it shows how Auggie feels about himself and no one should feel like that.

2.'"What's the deal with your face?"'(page 29 paragraph 7). I chose this quote because it shows how rude kids can be just because someone looks a little different from everyone else. I think that Auggie would be used to this kind of behavior and probably just ignored it. Kids probably think that everyone has look and be a specific way. I chose this qoute because it is important because it shows how other kids act to Auggie and how it makes him feel on the inside.

message 2: by Hannah (new) - added it

Hannah | 13 comments I feel really bad for Auggie in the first couple of chapters because he really doesn't know who to trust and who to be friends with but as the plot moves forward he starts to gain a few friendships which makes be happy.

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