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1 bedroom, 2 bathroom. Do not post here unless you are a mod, the characters creator, or have permission from a mod or the creator.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments ((Thank you!;) You can also knock on her door if you please))

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments Alaina stumbles in through the door and looks back to see if Ryder is still there, once again, and stumbles onto the kitchen floor, bruising her hips.

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regan "You ok?" Ryder asked, carrying the many things she dropped. He noticed the paints were expensive acrylic ones, not the cheap watery type.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Yep, thanks" She says and quickly gets up. She picks everything else up and setting it on the counter. "I see you're admiring my paints" She says sarcastically suspicious.

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regan "Yes, I like them, they're nice," he said sincerely. "You paint a lot then?"

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Thanks and yes." She says and sits down at a stool near the counter.

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regan "What faction did you come from?" Ryder asked, placing the stuff on the counter.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Dauntless, but if you really get to know me I'm a lot like the typical Amity" She says.

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regan "Amity, I was going to guess you were from there," Ryder grinned. Maybe he did belong in Erudite. "Why didn't you transfer there then?"

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Well, you Erudite, I stayed because I really love the adreneline rush of getting on the train and other stuff like that!" She says

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regan Ryder was shocked for a moment. Maybe he really did belong there of even she said that. "How'd you fair in initiation though?"

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((Don't spill dauntless initiation))

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Well you're not really supposed to tell!" She says, wishing she could tell him him how terribly she had scored.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "So, do you want me to walk you home, or...." Says Alaina

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regan "I don't care," he shrugged. "I'm a Dauntless kid, I have a full day of nothing. I can do whatever I like," Ryder smiled. "And if you don't have anything to do, then you can do what you like too!"

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Well okay." She says, looking at the clock. It's lunchtime. "Do you want me to make you lunch?"

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regan "Sure!" he smiled. "Are you a cook too?" Ryder asked, simply because of the fact she paints as well.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Eh. So, what do you want?" She says and smiles.

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regan "Do you make a good peanut butter and jelly?" He asked. He'd eat it any way but asked.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Doesn't everybody!?" She says as she smiles and gets out all of the materials and makes the sandwich. "Here you go!" She says as she slides the plate to Ryder.

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((I don't wanna sound rude but this is driving me nuts. Can we get down the excessive use of exclamation points?))

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments ((Sorry about that!)) ((Dang it, I did it again))

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regan ((What's wrong with the exclamation points?))

"Thanks," he smiled and took a bite. "You do make a good sandwich. My brother tried to make me one once. The bread was black when he tried to toast it. So do you have a family?"

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((They just annoy me... They make everything seem loud and really happy and girly. Idk))

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Thanks and......Erm...No."She says.

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regan ((Ahh, I see))

"Welcome. Have you ever wanted a family?" He asked simply for the reason that he was imagining himself with and without a family. And because he was a curious kid.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Of course. Every. Single. Day."She says "My parents um.. ya know." Her throat gets really tight, but she doesn't cry because dauntless never cry.

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regan "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want," Ryder said. He could tell it was hard for her to speak of. "Do you have a boyfriend then?" he thought maybe that route would be easier.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Nope" she says sounding a little softer and more comfortable with this side of her loneliness.

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regan "Have you ever had one?" Again, Ryder still thought girls had cooties but for older people, it seemed normal.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Never. Not planning on it anytime soon, either."She says sounding lonely.

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regan "Why not? You seem lonely, there's nobody around here," Ryder said, innocently blunt.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Well, I was never really interested in boys or dating."She says

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regan "Never? Everyone your age seems to be. I swear, every time I go to the Pit, somebody is lookin' googly eyed at someone else," he laughed a little.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "I've never been that kind of person" She says and smiles at her unique personality.

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regan "Well, that's a good thing then, right? You are yourself," he smiled.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "I guess. So, what do you want to do?"She says

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regan "I don't know," he shrugged. "You like reading?"

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Yeah, do you?" Alaina says.

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regan "I love reading," Ryder said. "Any favorites?"

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Hmmm Not really I'll just read and love what you give me" She says shrugging

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regan "Even textbooks?" Ryder grinned. He and his brother loved textbooks the most. They were their favorites.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "No I despise Erudite and learning uninteresting facts! You got me stumped there!" She says

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "So do you have any nicknames?"She asks him

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regan "Nope. I'm boring smoring. How about you?" He asked

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "Whatever you want to call me will do!" Alaina says.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments Alaina walks into her house and leads Drake to her couch.

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Drake runs over to the couch and bounces on it.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments "You can do whatever feels necessary to you" She says, locking the front door so drake can't reach it. She goes to the bathroom to redo her makeup.

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