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How did you feel about the ending of this book? Did you expect it to end this way or was there an ending that would have been better?
Ms. Register Ms. Apr 24, 2018 10:02AM
I felt the ending was totally perfect. When Rashad said his name for role call, I thought it was an emotional moment that not everything was going to be perfect and there's no easy fix. I think this can show a lot of understanding of multiple points of view for this story and the real BLM movement.

The ending was perfect. I actually cried through this book, which doesn't happen often. It was so moving and AMAZING!

Honestly, kind of disappointed. I didn't get any closure, and I'm sure the book would have been more effective if it had addressed the basketball team, etc. If these loose ends had wrapped up, the ending would have been more meaningful for me.


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