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The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story
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SCPL (st_catharines_public_library) | 542 comments Mod

We are nearing the end of the month and so I wanted to discuss your thoughts on the success of the expedition.

Do you think what the group discovered was worth the risks involved to make those discoveries?

There were dangerous animals (the dreaded fer-de-lance!), diseases (many of the team members contracted leishmaniasis for which there is no cure, only treatment), the risk of drug cartels, and international criticism on the methods utilized...just to name a few.

Were the discoveries they made worth all of those risks? Why or why not?

Was there any other aspect of the book that we haven't discussed that you would like to mention?



Heidi Madden | 118 comments Do I personally think it was worth the risk? Not really but then I’m pretty happy in my first world existence. I already commented that I had no desire to go into the jungle like they did and that was BEFORE I knew they contacted leish. So for me? Not worth the risk. For them? Yeah do, especially Steve Elkins. I mean the man devoted 20 years of his life to finding this city so yes, for him I’d say it was definitely worth it.

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Yes, that's an important distinction about the risks involved. Like you, I don't think I would be willing to undertake this expedition. I know I would contract leish and I would not be a happy camper!

Thank you for bringing up Steve Elkins. Without him this project never would have been possible. I felt so bad for him when Preston mentioned that he damaged his phone and lost all of the photos he took during the expedition! Although, the team did have a filmmaker, photographer, and journalist so everything was well documented.


Heidi Madden | 118 comments If I was Steve I would have cried, and definitely spent at least a year trying to recover the photos. So sad!

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SCPL (st_catharines_public_library) | 542 comments Mod
I know! I sympathized with Steve as well because of his "drop foot", the nerve damage in his spine, which prevented him from going on all of the excursions into T1. I cheered for him when he decided he would join the group the following day saying, "screw the leg" (p. 147).

I couldn't find the exact page where Steve lost all of the photos that were on his phone but I think Preston mentioned that Elkins spent months and months (and probably some money) with Apple trying to recover those photos.

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