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Gregory of Nyssa: Life of Moses > Apr. 23: Book II par. 191-200

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Nemo (nemoslibrary) | 1503 comments Let Life Imitate the Pomegranate

193. Because it is covered with a hard and sour rind, its outside is inedible, but the inside is a pleasant sight with its many neatly ordered seeds and it becomes even sweeter when it is tasted. The philosophical life, although outwardly austere and unpleasant, is yet full of good hopes when it ripens. For when our Gardener opens the pomegranate of life at the proper time and manifests the hidden beauty, then those who partake of their own fruit will enjoy the sweetness. For somewhere the divine Apostle says that any punishment is most painful at the time, and far from pleasant (that is the first contact with the pomegranate) : but later, in those on whom it has been used, it bears fruit in peace and goodness. This is the sweetness of the nourishment inside.

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Nemo (nemoslibrary) | 1503 comments
196. From this we learn that the upper part of the outer garment, which is in a particular way an adornment of the heart, is composed of many varied virtues. ... The patriarchs engraved on the shoulders make a great contribution to our adornment, for men's lives are adorned by the earlier examples of good men.

May our reading of the Life of Moses also contribute to our adornment.

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