Move the Stars (Something in the Way, #3) Move the Stars question

Why the long wait to get together?
Ash Ash Apr 23, 2018 10:41PM
I still don't get why Manning waited 4-5 years to reach to Lake. To follow his passion? If he knew he'd always get back to Lake, why sleep with other women instead of reaching to the 'love of his life' ?

Do you know of any books similar to this one but without the part where the H is an A$$#### to the h?

I think the author just wanted to use time as the ultimate healer bc she didnt actually want to write an in depth work through of all the conflicts she created for drama. She also always stated in the narrative manning could never be without sex bc he is a MAN of course. What bothered me is she made the focal point the bed in their reunion and never made it clear if he banged the woman there.

To me if you can be without each other that long just keep being apart lol there was a lot of potential in this story but Hawkins seemed to drop every interesting plot point she had.

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