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Roxana This story I am reading is on different families that are coming from different parts of Central America ,Colombia and Puerto Rico, to the United States; Delaware to be exact. How they left due to wars, poverty and just wanted out from there "no progressive lives", they wanted a better life for their families. They all hold a piece of memory they missed or feel betrayed by their country to let themselves go down the path of destroying their own country. They all live in the same building and are starting to get to know each other. There aren't any main characters yet but there is one that is interesting because she is a mother of 2 boys and a husband that wants his wife at home where "she belongs," she wants to help out her husband, because they found out his job is on the line. She want to have a plan B and that's herself a job,even though she never worked in her life.her husband argues and tells her NO!
He's the bread winner and doesn't need help from a women they should be home attending the kids and house .
Ese hombre es bien machista !
Are you kidding me who wants a man that expect a women to be home like the old days and just take care the kids, husband, clean and cook .
Negative we are in 2018 ,well the book was 2011 and everyone should help bring in money somehow, this way the stress balance is equal lol.
What would you do in Celina position get a job or sit down and obey your husband? I would personally shut him the hell up and get a job help out and he can thank me later

Jean Yep, I'm with you. When I was young, I watched this one play out among my mother and father. That was in the early 70s when the concept of a woman working outside the home was still considered radical. Dad pitched a fit, but he came around.

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Roxana Yes it's crazy how some men from back in the days had too much pride but that's because it was a cycle but now lol you won't find much like that

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