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LibraryCin | 9082 comments Alan Doyle grew up to become lead singer of Great Big Sea. He grew up in a small town, just outside St. John’s, Newfoundland with 3 siblings and a very musical family; in fact, they were known as “The Doyles from Petty Harbour” and everyone knew they were musical. The book is told as a series of stories, and include stories of his family and friends, music, religion (Catholic vs. Protestant), fishing, and more.

I listened to the audio, read by Alan himself. I loved it! The accent and the phrases, and he’s so funny! I laughed out loud many times (people on transit probably stealing odd glances toward me?)! Oh, what a great storyteller! Listening to the audio, he actually played a recording of a brief conversation with his mom, and when there were lyrics in the text of the book, he sang them. Sigh…

I had a roommate/best friend in my 20s who was from Newfoundland (in fact, from The Goulds, near Petty Harbour, where Alan went to high school) – the accent and phrases and funny stories all made me think of her. He’s only a few years older than me and my friend, so I recognized many things/places that she talked about, as well. Oh, I even remember her mentioning the high school band he was in – I think she showed me a yearbook photo of them with the FA on the drums (for First Attempt).

I really don’t think people would need the personal (or in my case, secondary) references to enjoy this, though. I highly recommend the audio!

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Cora (corareading) | 1472 comments Thanks for the review. I really like light hearted memoirs that let me learn about a new part of the world. A good audio is a plus too.

LibraryCin | 9082 comments I hope you enjoy it if you give it a try!

He has written another book, as well, that I've now added to my tbr. I'm hoping the library has the audio. If not... hmmm, not sure. It's pricey to spend regular prices on audio books!

(This one must have been a daily deal at some point; that's generally when I buy them... but I'd really like to listen to the next one as an audio, as well! At least, if he's reading it.)

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