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Castle of the Heart A 2% Erotic Romance The Full Trilogy by Sapphire Jones Sapphire Jones

Title: Castle of the Heart: A 2% Erotic Romance: The Full Trilogy
Author: Sapphire Jones
Genre: Romance
Formats Available: Pdf or Mobi via Amazon
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 6


A Professor of Philosophy, with an oblivious husband and a disturbingly perceptive five-year-old daughter, Bethann is satisfied with her life. More or less . . .

She knows that the erotic and romantic fireworks of youth are just that: things we all age out of; phases we go through; dreams that we let go of.

Then, attending an academic conference—held in an island castle, on a lake, in the Italian Alps—she encounters Dov: the lover with whom she’d repeatedly played “catch and release,” in college and beyond.

For reasons both mundane and tragic, they’ve had no contact for more than ten years; it takes less than ten seconds to reignite the firestorm of their love and their passion.

In the past, they’d never been able to “make it stick.” Can they do it now? Is Bethann willing to blow up the life she’s built for herself? Can Dov surmount the scars and the wounds of his past, some of them inflicted by Bethann herself?

Or is there a 2% Solution, an erotic and romantic space that they can carve out, just for each other, during a single week, every year?

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sent in your request Desiree

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Sapphire Jones | 2 comments Request fulfilled.



Tana wrote: "Castle of the Heart A 2% Erotic Romance The Full Trilogy by Sapphire JonesSapphire Jones

Title: Castle of the Heart: A 2% Erotic Romance: The Full Trilogy..."

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